Saturday’s List of 13: Clearing out a cluttered mind…….

13) Eye update: Went to eye surgeon Friday; the gas bubble in my eye has dissolved, my retina is back where it should be, which is good, but the eye won’t be back to normal until I have cataract surgery, which will probably be in late spring/early summer. 

Trying to decide how all that impacts this site; I’ll take a few days, then make a decision, but it could mean pulling back a little on the daily analysis of games, which takes lot of time/energy, even moreso since late October.

This site itself ain’t going anywhere; the homepage could actually improve a lot if that was all I posted, and spent more time studying instead of posting trends. We’ll see.

12) By the way, you know you’re getting old(er) when you like the music they play in the waiting room at the doctor’s office. 

11) Oscar Colas, one of the most talented players in the world not under contract with an MLB team, defected from Cuba and will look to sign with a big-league team. Colas is a 21-year old OF/1B who also pitches some; he played in Japan LY. 

Colas must establish residency in a third country and be unblocked by the Office of Foreign Assets Control before MLB clears him to sign; that process could take months.

10) 47 of 50 voters picked Baltimore’s Lamar Jackson as the All-Pro QB; one of the three who didn’t vote for Jackson was Bill Polian, who said before he was drafted that Jackson should play WR and not quarterback.

I mean, do you watch the games? Jackson was awesome this year. Russell Wilson was really good, too, but Baltimore is the best team and Jackson is a huge reason why. 

9) Five years later, surprising things about being retired:
— Daytime TV is incredibly bad.
— Thought I’d eat at McDonald’s more, but I almost never go there.
— Some people who retire are bored; to me, there aren’t enough hours in the day.
— Once a month or so, people ring my doorbell and try to sell me Verizon FIOS or an alternate way to watch TV, despite the satellite dish hanging on my roof, right near the driveway.

Underrated place to eat in Albany:
— Lynn’s on Colvin Avenue; Decent amount of TV’s, very good sandwiches. 

8) If you play NFL playoff totals, check the weather for the Tennessee-New England game Saturday night; a mix of rain/snow is expected for the game. 

7) UTEP basketball coach Rodney Terry was released from a Miami-area hospital on Friday, two days after being admitted due to anaphylactic shock; he is expected to return to the Miners’ bench against Southern Miss Thursday night. 

6) Lakers’ star Anthony Davis was a point guard in high school, until he grew seven inches in one summer. That must be so weird, having to buy all new clothes so quickly.  

5) Mississippi State fired football coach Joe Moorhead Friday, after only two years; he went 14-12 in Starkville, 7-9 in SEC games. 

There was an incident this season where one of the Bulldogs’ QB’s had the orbital bone in his eye broken when he was punched by a teammate after practice. 

When a quarterback gets beaten up by a teammate, maybe the coach has lost control of things. 

4) Former Maryland coach DJ Durkin was hired by Lane Kiffin as an assistant coach at Ole Miss; Durkin was fired as head coach by Maryland after a Terrapin player passed away from a heatstroke in June 2018, following an offseason workout. 

3) Baseball stuff:
— Los Angeles Angels signed free agent C Jason Castro away from the Twins.
— 2B Starlin Castro signed with Washington. 

2) Ohio U 30, Nevada 21— With 1:51 left, Nevada had 4th-and goal from inside the 10-yard line. Instead of kicking a FG to get within one score, they went for it and failed. Coaching malpractice.

Bobcats’ coach Frank Solich is 75; have to admire a guy that age having so much energy. Solich got the boot at Nebraska despite a 58-19 record (think they’d take that now?), and is 112-81 at Ohio. Excellent career. 

1) Wonder who the first person was who suggested that Boise State’s football field be blue? Imagine some of the looks he must’ve gotten at that meeting?

By the way, Eastern Washington has a red field, Eastern Michigan has a gray field

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