Saturday’s List of 13: Clearing out a cluttered mind…….

13) With former basketball standout Kevon Looney in town with the Warriors to play the Bucks in Milwaukee Friday night, Milwaukee Hamilton HS held a ceremony at the school Thursday afternoon to retire Looney’s #5 jersey.

A surprising thing happened; the whole Warriors’ team showed up- Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant, even coach Steve Kerr……all of them showed up to honor their teammate/friend. 

Imagine being a kid at that school and seeing those guys in your gym? Pretty cool. 

12) Titans 30, Jaguars 9— Game is 7-2 Tennessee in 2nd quarter; Jaguars have 4th-and-goal on the 2-yard line but instead of kicking a gimme field goal, they go for it with the backup QB and they don’t get it. Titans run next play for a 99-yard TD, and school is out. 

I don’t give a rat’s ass about analytics; in these cases, if you’re Jacksonville you have to put points on the board in what was a tight, tense game, especially if you’re a losing team. 

I’ll say it this way: the Jaguars tackled with a lot less enthusiasm once that 4th down play failed. Thats a nice way of saying they stopped trying as hard- they quit. 

11) Washington Nationals have given out lot of deferred money in the past to pitchers Max Scherzer ($105M of $210M) and Stephen Strasburg ($70M of $175M), but only $10M of Patrick Corbin’s newly-signed $140M contract is deferred money. 

10) Of the 353 D-I college basketball teams, 27 are coached by former NBA players. 

9) Thru Week 13, best red zone teams, based on points/possession:
Chiefs 5.75, Bengals 5.73, Bills 5.70, Steelers 5.69

Worst red zone teams, based on ppp:
Jets 3.87, 49ers 4.21, Jaguars 4.22, Lions 4.40

8) Most drives that went into red zone this season:
Rams 67, Saints/Chiefs 55, Buccaneers 47

Fewest drives that went into red zone this season:
Cardinals 22, Bills/Dolphins 23, Jaguars 27

7) Three things about NFL officiating that bug me:

a) They call too damn many holding penalties.
b) They call way too many penalties on punts/kickoffs.
c) When they call pass interference, a 2nd official usually also throws a flag, to “sell the call”

6) Phoenix Suns are first team in the shot clock era (since 1955) to be held under 10 points in the first quarter of consecutive games. 

5) Big 14 finished their first round of conference games this week; home favorites were 5-4 vs spread, road favorites were 3-2, making favorites 8-6 vs spread overall. 

4) Here is why Washington Wizards will have a hard time trading John Wall: his contract is outrageous.

2019-20: $38,150,000
2019-20: $38,150,000
2020-21: $41,202,000
2021-22: $44,254,000
2022-23: $47,306,000 (player option)

Good luck getting someone to take that contract. 

3) DeAndre Jordan was a 45% career free throw shooter before this season; he is shooting 75.8% this year (72-95). 

Jordan is in his first year with the Dallas Mavericks, whose shooting coach is Peter Patton, who has been teaching basketball for 20+ years, including studying shooting under San Antonio Spurs’ assistant Chip Engelland. Coach Patton deserves a raise. 

2) NBA trade:
— Cavaliers re-acquired G Matthew Dellavedova and F John Henson from the Bucks, along with a future 1st and 2nd-round draft pick.
— Milwaukee got veteran PG George Hill, who was with coach Budenholzer in San Antonio; they also got Jason Smith and a 2nd-round draft pick from Washington.
— Wizards acquired Sam Dekker from Cleveland. 

1) Best wishes to Redskins’ QB Alex Smith, who has an infection in his broken leg following multiple surgeries on the leg last month. Get well soon.

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