Saturday’s List of 13: Clearing out a cluttered mind……

13) LSU suspended basketball coach Will Wade indefinitely, after he was caught on an FBI wiretap discussing payments to a recruit’s family. LSU is 25-5 this season 15-2 in the SEC.  

In a somewhat related event, Creighton assistant coach Preston Murphy has been placed on administrative leave by that school. 

12) We mentioned the other day about the Ravens releasing Eric Weddle; well he wasn’t a free agent for long. Weddle signed with the Los Angeles Rams on Friday, which is good news!!! 

11) Dodger manager Dave Roberts said pitcher Joe Kelly told him he hurt his back while standing too long while cooking Cajun food.

Football players resent that baseball guys have guaranteed money; they play thru separated shoulders and fairly severe injuries, while a pitcher gets hurt because he stood up for too long. 

10) Maryland senior Ivan Bender is from Europe; he used his Senior Night introduction as an opportunity to propose to his girlfriend at center court. Luckily for everyone, she said yes. 

9) The new Arena Football team in Atlantic City will be called the Blackjacks.

8) New Jersey Giants traded DE Olivier Vernon and a 4th-round pick to Cleveland for G Kevin Zeitler and a 5th-round pick. 

7) So far this week, under is 24-10 in NBA games. 

6) In the AAF, San Diego Fleet lost QB Philip Nelson for a month (broken clavicle). 

5) There was a film clip on Twitter this week of a Texas-Hawai’i football game in 1995, the first game Kirk Herbstreit worked on ESPN- he was the sideline reporter. 

— Referee for that game was Mike Pereira, who is now FOX’s instant replay guru.
— It was the first game at Texas for RB Ricky Williams, who went on to be a big star there.
— Play-by-play guy was DeWayne Staats, who now does Tampa Bay Rays games on TV; the analyst was former Raiders’ TE Todd Christensen. 

4) Kansas City Chiefs proposed a rule change this week that would give both teams at least one possession in overtime. 

3) Question to discuss for NFL fans: If your team needed a QB, would you rather they traded for Case Keenum or Josh Rosen?

2) Remember to push your clocks ahead an hour tonight; we “spring” ahead, “fall” back. 

1) Writer on did an article about how the Albany Great Danes basketball team has recruited a lot of Australian players. Here is how the guy described my hometown:

“Albany, New York; a small, riverside city located 220 kilometres north of New York City with a population of roughly 100,000 people. Not too much goes on here…..”

Made me laugh, thats all.

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