Saturday’s List of 13: Clearing out a cluttered mind…..

13) Did you ever want to compete in the Nathan’s hot dog eating contest on July 4 in Brooklyn? Here is your chance, if you’re going to be in Las Vegas three weeks from now. 

The Nevada qualifier for the annual July 4th International Hot Dog-Eating Contest is at 3 pm on Saturday April 28. The event will take place at New York-New York Hotel and Casino.

“The launch of the annual Nathan’s Famous hot dog-eating contest circuit signals the arrival of summer. Some of the most accomplished eaters in the world will compete at this event, but we also are seeking new talent in Las Vegas to represent our nation on the most patriotic day of the year.”
Scott Harvey, executive vice president of Nathan’s Famous.

12) If you owned a baseball team worth around a billion bucks, would you let a 30-year old who was a sportswriter in college run the show? Nah, me either, but Milwaukee hired David Stearns as its GM when he was 30. 

Theo Epstein and Texas GM Jon Daniels got GM jobs when they were 28; I don’t get it. Because Epstein has won titles with the big market Red Sox/Cubs, now everyone is searching for the next Theo. 

The battle between old school thinking and the analytics movement continues, but right now, the analytics movement has the upper hand, as far as hiring goes. 

11) Lebron James is leading the NBA in minutes per game; he led the league in minutes played last year, too. Not bad for a 32-33 year old. Great, great player. 

10) Dodgers-Giants were rained out in San Francisco last night, just 6th rainout at AT&T Park and the first since Astros-Giants were rained out on April 12, 2006.

9) The world’s largest Steak ’n Shake opened at Hooters Casino in Las Vegas Friday. There is also a good Steak ’n Shake at SouthPoint Casino. Steak ’n Shake is tremendous. 

8) One of the most underrated parts of a football coaching staff is the strength coach; players spend so much time getting stronger- they do it year round, so lot of times, they spend more time with the strength coach than their position coach. 

Tennessee Titans strength coach Steve Watterson is retiring after 32 years with the team; he was the longest-tenured strength coach in the NFL. 

7) 26% of money bet on NHL futures in Las Vegas this season is on the Golden Knights, so you know casinos will be rooting against the home squad when they playoffs start. 

6) Colorado Rockies’ TV announcer Ryan Spilborghs played seven years in the major leagues, made roughly $5M playing ball for the Rockies— he said on the air Friday that he still needs to pass one Spanish class to get his degree from Cal-Santa Barbara. 

5) Surprising fact: Coors Field in Denver is the 3rd-oldest stadium in the National League. 

4) Never saw this before: Lucas Duda was hitting in the first inning Friday for the Royals- he swings at a pitch, loses the grip on his bat and it flies out of his hands and winds up on the netting behind the plate. 

3) Not only has the Big 14 not won a college basketball national title since 2000, seven different Big 14 teams (half the damn league!!!!) has lost in the national championship game since then. 

2) According to the Cincinnati Reds’ PR people, Joey Votto has never gone more than 15 at-bats without reaching base safely. 

1— I had no idea the Secret Service has to pay for golf carts to do its security work when Donald Trump plays golf— I figured they’d be comped, since you know, they’re protecting the guy who owns the golf course. Secret Service has shelled out over $200,000 in cart fees since Trump has been President. Oy. 

Author: Armadillo Sports

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