Saturday’s List of 13: Clearing out a cluttered mind…….

13) A 14-year old kid named Yang Kuang played in the European Tour event in China this week; he made the cut by a stroke, making a 15-foot putt on the last hole to finish the two days -1. 

They show the kid get up and down from the bunker; he isn’t very big, but what a future he has, to be able to hold his own against pros when he is just starting high school. 

12) So I’m having lunch at Denny’s Friday, and the couple in the next booth is having a fairly big argument; they’re newlyweds, and the Mrs is “stressed out”, but they can’t agree on why she is stressed out, which stresses her out even further. Neither person is happy. 

This goes on for a while, then they mercifully ask for the check, take their argument elsewhere. Hopefully they have a comfortable couch in their home, seeing how the Mr figured to be sleeping there Friday night. Oy. 

11) The dictionary defines “scapegoat” this way:

“a person who is blamed for the wrongdoings, mistakes, or faults of others, especially for reasons of expediency.”

Or in the case of the Washington Nationals, pitching coach Derek Lilliquist, who got told to take a hike Thursday after Washington stumbled to a 13-17 start. 

Not his fault Bryce Harper signed in Philly. 

10) Braves 7, Marlins 2— Last year, when Ronald Acuna was batting leadoff and hitting lot of homers, Jose Urena of Miami drilled him with the first pitch of a game and got tossed. Lot of words were exchanged since then. This game was the first time since then that Urena faced Atlanta. 

Bottom of 2nd inning, Urena comes to bat and the first pitch is behind him, which wasn’t very subtle- Urena actually did a good job to avoid the pitch. Home plate ump immediately tosses Braves’ P Kevin Gausman out of the game, which didn’t go over well with the Atlanta dugout. 

9) You know the home team is pretty sad when their TV people send the roving reporter out to promote the stadium’s concession stands in the 2nd inning, and during her report, there is no one else in the shot. No one. Zero. Bupkis.

Marlins’ home games are like the old joke, that if you’re an escaped convict, that would be a good place to hide out, since no one would think to look for anyone there.

8) With more strikeouts/home runs in baseball, that means fewer balls in play; does that lead to teams play worse fielders, since they’re going to get less action? 

Milwaukee is playing Mike Moustakas at 2B, Travis Shaw at 3B; I’m guessing they have to have a 2B with better range than Moustakas somewhere in their system.

7) NFL and FOX agreed to fewer, but longer commercial breaks during next year’s Super Bowl. Four commercial breaks per quarter instead of five, with each running for 2.5 minutes instead of two minutes. Overall, same amount of commercials will be shown. 

6) Detroit Lions’ trainer quit this week, to pursue “other opportunities”; the guy had spent 25 years in the NFL, the last five in Detroit. He was replaced by somebody from U of Michigan, who had previously spent time with the Patriots, Giants. Go figure. Matt Patricia spent a long time with the Patriots. 

I may be a conspiracy theorist here, but guys don’t quit jobs like that, not when they’ve spent 25 years in the league. New head coach comes in, and after one season the trainer “quits”. It will read that he jumped ship, but the suspicion here is that he got pushed. 

5) Hope for New Jersey Jets’ fans this season:

Since 2000, Jets head coaches, 1st year and then after……

2000 Al Groh First year: 9-7 Only lasted one year
2001 Herm Edwards: First year: 10-6 Rest of time: 29-35
2006: Eric Mangini: First year: 10-6 Rest of time: 13-19
2008: Rex Ryan: First year: 9-7 Rest of time: 37-43
2015: Todd Bowles: First year: 10-6 Rest of time: 14-33
2019 will be Adam Gase’s first year as Jets’ coach. 

4) Cincinnati Reds scored total of nine runs in Tyler Mahle’s first six starts, which explains why they lost five of those games. Mahle is 0-4, 4.09 with a 1.30 WHIP; he hasn’t been terrible, just hasn’t gotten any support whatsoever. 

3) Cubs 4, Cardinals 0– Kyle Hendricks threw an 81-pitch complete game, the fewest pitches in a complete game since Aaron Cook in 2012. 

2) Giants 12, Reds 11 (11)— Cincinnati led 8-0 in 3rd inning, 11-7 in 8th inning but lost, day after splitting pair of 1-0 games in New York. Stephen Vogt went 3-3 with three runs scored for SF, in a game he didn’t enter until the fifth inning. 

1) The governor of Montana signed a sports betting bill this week, the first state this year to pass a sports betting bill. Tennessee will also have sports betting soon; governors in Iowa, Indiana have similar bills on their desks.

Montana expects to have their system up for the NFL season.

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