Saturday’s List of 13: Clearing out a cluttered mind……..

13) If you haven’t seen it, go on the Interweb and find DeAndre Hopkins’ great catch that was nullified by a penalty Thursday night. Pretty sure it was the best catch I’ve ever seen; if Hopkins played for a New York team, he’d be a lot better known that he is now— great hands.

12) Texans lost WR Will Fuller (torn ACL) for the season in Thursday’s game.

11) People complain (and rightfully so) about athletes’ salaries, but how about Megyn Kelly making $23M a year from NBC? Really? 23 freakin’ million a year? Now she gets paid $69M to go away; it must be nice. 

Athletes have very short careers; a TV person can work until they’re a senior citizen. 

10) Georgia Tech scored 49 points in a win at Virginia Tech Thursday and they didn’t complete a pass- Yellow Jackets were 0-1 thru the air. 

9) I normally try to ignore individual baseball awards, but how the bleep is Trevor Story not a finalist for Gold Glove at shortstop in the NL? 

Story is on my fantasy team, so I watch just about every Colorado game; he had a super year at the plate, but he is a damn good fielder, too. Huge oversight by whoever decides these things. 

8) They’re charging $19.95 for the Woods-Mickelson golf event the day after Thanksgiving; I wouldn’t watch it if it was on free TV. Will be interesting to see how many people pay to watch. 

7) Would be curious how Billy Donovan/Brad Stevens feel about coaching in the NBA. as opposed to college ball— I’m guessing they don’t miss recruiting, but the NBA is also more of a player’s game. Can do lot more teaching in college; many more practices. 

6) There is ugliness in Denver; Broncos’ owner Pat Bowlen has Alzheimer’s and hasn’t run the team for a while. Now there will be a legal squabble over which one of Bowlen’s children will wind up in charge of the Broncos- there are three trustees running the team now. 

Forbes values the Broncos’ worth as $2.65B; as usual, there will be lawyers.

5) Quote of the Day, part 2, from Atlanta Hawks owner Tony Ressler:

“For two years, I was a deer in the headlights. It’s like the story of a poker game when you’re looking around, and you wonder who the fish is. If you don’t know the answer, it’s probably you. I don’t want to blame somebody else because I was the schmuck, and I didn’t have to do it. I realized the mistake the minute after I did it.”

Ressler bought the Hawks in 2015; 

4) Ressler is married to actress Jami Gertz, who was in the movie Less than Zero and the TV series Square Pegs. She represented the Hawks at the draft lottery last spring. 

3) Mets’ search for a new general manager has apparently boiled down to two candidates: agent Brodie Van Wagenen and Rays executive Chaim Bloom. Working for the Wilpons took a lot of candidates out of the running- they’re not the best owners. 

Former Brewers’ GM Doug Melvin was also in the running, but apparently isn’t now. 

2) NFL fired an official this week, after that official missed an obvious false start in the Chargers-Browns game— Chargers scored a TD on that play. 

Chargers’ left tackle started early; it wasn’t hard to see; the official on that sideline was fired, the first in-season firing of an NFL official in at least fifty years. Chances are he had other mistakes if he got fired; they wouldn’t axe the guy over one mistake.

1) Purdue football coach Jeff Brohm is a rising star in coaching with a 41-19 record at Western Kentucky, Purdue; his playing career didn’t go as smoothly. 

Brohm led Louisville to 5-6/9-3 records his junior/senior seasons, after breaking his ankle as a sophomore; he later bounced around the NFL, throwing 37 passes for the 49ers in 1996-7. 

Brohm also played in the XFL’s only season, playing seven games for Orlando before an injury ended that season. Brohm had earlier played two years of minor league baseball, hitting .214 in A ball for Cleveland Indians’ farm clubs- he was a head coach in the Arena League for a year, before beginning his college coaching career. 

He could write a hell of a book someday.

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