Saturday’s List of 13: Clearing out a cluttered mind……

13) Most underrated sports story of this century so far:

Chris Correa was a St Louis Cardinals scouting director; he hacked the Houston Astros’ database illegally and not only was banned from the sport, he was given a 46-month prison sentence.

Almost four years in jail, thats a big deal.

Now the Astros are awaiting their penalty in this sign-stealing debacle; it sounds like GM Jeff Luhnow and maybe even manager AJ Hinch are going to be suspended, possibly for a decent amount of time. Pretty big mess on MLB’s hands.

12) One way around future problems with teams stealing signs electronically; just make it legal. Leave it up to teams to find a better way to pass signs along. 

11) Eight years ago, Clemson lost its bowl game 70-33 to West Virginia; since then, they’re 9-2 SU in playoff/bowl games (10-1 ATS), despite being an underdog in nine of the 11 games.

10) LSU’s defensive coordinator Dave Aranda makes $2.5M a year; Clemson’s DC Brent Venables makes $2.2M- thats $4.7M a year for two guys who aren’t head coaches!!!! 

9) By the way, the strength coach at Iowa makes $800,000 a year; very important position- the strength coach may have more contact with the players in off season training than the coaches do, but $800K seems a bit excessive. 

8) When Golden State Warrior rookie Ky Bowman was in high school, he was such a good football player that he was offered football scholarships by both Alabama and Auburn. He played basketball at Boston College instead, and now it is paying off. 

7) Apparently, Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm creator Larry David once called the Jets’ front office before the 2018 NFL Draft and advised them to take Lamar Jackson.

David says he got former Jets GM Mike Maccagnan on the phone and passed along his advice, which obviously was ignored. Must be nice to have enough clout to get the GM on the phone.

6) Georgia QB Jake Fromm declared for the NFL Draft; Mel Kiper Jr has Fromm listed as the #5 QB in the draft. 

5) When giving out assists in basketball, an assist on a 3-point shot should be 1.5 assists; a pass that leads to a free throws taken should also count 0.5 assists for every foul shot made.

4) Scapegoat watch: Philadelphia Eagles fired OC Mike Groh. 

3) Eagles’ QB Josh McCown played in his first NFL playoff game last week at age 40; now it turns out that he played the second half of that game with a torn hamstring, and will have surgery next week. Ouch.               

2) Former Michigan coach Brady Hoke is taking over as the head coach at San Diego State with Rocky Long stepping down as the Aztecs head coach. 

1) There is a movie coming out where John Malkovich plays the Pope; I’ve seen Malkovich in two things- as Teddy KGB, the Russian gangster in Rounders, and Grigor Andolov, a Russian business tycoon in Billions. I’m guessing the collection plate would be pretty full on Sundays if Malkovich became the Pope. Or else. 

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