Saturday’s List of 13: Clearing out a cluttered mind……

13) Dodgers’ pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu signed a one-year deal with the Dodgers this year for $18M; he’s having a great season, will get a bigger one-year deal next season. Who knows, he may even get a 2-year deal. 

Contrast that to Dallas Keuchel, who is sitting out right now because he couldn’t get a multi-year contract. Keuchel would make more than Ryu if he had agreed to a one-year deal, but right now he is making bupkis this season, zero. 

Question is, was it Keuchel who didn’t listen to his agent, or the agent who didn’t listen to Keuchel? At some point, the player has to play in order to get paid, right? Either way, it has been an expensive year for the pitcher. He’ll probably sign somewhere fairly soon. 

12) Batters are 2-42 with runners in scoring position against Ryu this season.

11) Mets’ TV guy Todd Zeile played 16 years in the major leagues; he grew up in the Los Angeles area, went to a lot of Dodger games as a kid. Zeile said on air the other night that his father told him that he didn’t believe Zeile was a major league player until he heard Vin Scully say his name on the air, thats how revered Scully is/was in Tinseltown. 

10) New Packers’ coach Matt LaFleur tore his achilles tendon playing basketball this week; he is having it operated on Sunday. 

9) Since 2008, only two big leaguers have had an OB% of .340+ with 200+ PA in every season:
Joey Votto and……….Shin-Soo Choo

Funny thing about Choo is this; my fantasy team is having a dreadful season, so I’m looking to build for the future a little and Choo is 37- I’ve been looking to move him for prospects but with absolutely no luck, and he is really good. His OPS is .933, which is damn good. 

One guy actually thought I was talking about Choi on Tampa Bay, and I’m laughing, thinking “My team is worse than this guy’s and he doesn’t know who the players are.” Oy.   

8) Raptors’ coach Nick Nurse was head coach at Grandview College when he was 23 years old; he played at Northern Iowa. There’s a chance one or more of his players at Grandview was older than Nurse was when he was coaching them.

7) Baseball stuff:
— Colorado sent P Kyle Freeland down to AAA.
— Cardinals put C Yadier Molina (thumb) on IL.
— Marlins put 1B Neil Walker (quad) on IL. 

6) Tampa Bay Rays have scored in first inning in 25 of their 54 games; they’re 20-5 when they score in the first inning. 

Marlins have scored in only nine first innings, fewest in major leagues. 

5) Arizona Diamondbacks have seven of the top 75 picks in next week’s baseball draft. 

4) My favorite Al Pacino movies:
a) Any Given Sunday
b) Heat
c) Scent of a Woman

3) Cubs/Cardinals are going to play a two-game series next season at London’s West Ham Olympic Stadium on June 13-14, 2020. New York-Boston are heading to London this month. 

2) There is a newscaster at WKRN in Nashville named Bob Mueller; you can imagine that the last couple of years have been very interesting for him. 

The TV Bob Mueller pronounces his name differently than the lawyer Bob Mueller, but he gets hate mail from people and strange looks when he makes reservations in restaurants. Sometimes real life is stranger than fiction.

1) Los Angeles Angels are driving me nuts with the way they use the “opener”. Tampa Bay uses Ryan Stanek most every time they use an opener, which makes it easy to chart. Angels use just about all their pitchers- they’ve used nine different openers this season, in addition to their four normal starting pitchers.

Makes me wonder when you’re using minor league pitchers to start a game. 

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