Saturday’s List of 13: Chris the Bartender’s favorite sports movies

Everyone has their own favorite sports movies. Here’s mine

1. Rocky
As I said before, I could watch this movie all the time 

2. The Natural
Great baseball movie, great cast and great acting 

Wilfred Brimley’ s best role 

3. Caddyshack 
Again three words Tadeusz Wladyslaw Konopka (Look it up)

Armadillo: That would be Ted Knight’s real name. 

4. Major League 
“Nice catch, Hayes. Don’t ever F@&$ing do it again” Lou Brown manager Cleveland Indians 

5. The Replacements 
Just a fun movie to watch

6. Field of Dreams
Even with all the historical baseball inaccuracies, what man doesn’t want to have a catch with his father once again 

7. League of Their Own
Tom Hanks was brilliant in this movie 

Made me go to Cooperstown the next day

8. Legend of Bagger Vance 
Great golf movie with a great cast 

9. Tin Cup
Don Johnson was phenomenal in this 

Another really good golf movie and cast

10. Brian’s Song
Tearjerker (Most men won’t admit that)

Good football movie 

Just not the remake

11. Hoosiers
Probably the only basketball movie I’ve ever watched 

Gene Hackman’s best role since playing Lex Luther in Superman 

Just give the ball to Jimmy 

12. Miracle 
The story of the 1980 US Olympic hockey team 

Kurt Russell was very good a portraying Herb Brooks

Too bad Herb Brooks died just before the movie’s release 

13. The Wrestler
Not many movies have been made depicting the life and times of a washed up wrestler

Both Mickey Rourke and Marisa Tomei were nominated for an Academy Award for their roles

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