Saturday’s Den: Wrapping up the last day of July…….

13) Coming into Friday’s games, the batting average of major league teams was only .230, with four teams hitting under .200. No bueno.

30-man rosters may be playing into this; with so many more pitchers available, hitters aren’t facing the same pitchers very often, which makes hitting more difficult.

12) Friday’s St Louis-Milwaukee game was postponed; they’re hoping to play a twinbill on Sunday, which would be MLB’s first doubleheader with 7-inning games. 

11) Someone posted on Twitter Friday that the Phillies aren’t going to Miami next week; they’re going to play two 2-game series with Bronx instead. That hasn’t been announced officially, but the person seemed pretty sure it was going to happen. 

10) Braves 11, Mets 10— New York led 8-2 in 5th inning, but their bullpen gave up seven runs in four innings. Ex-Met Travis d’Arnaud had three hits, knocked in five runs and stole his first base since 2014. His bases-loaded double in the 8th inning was the game-winning hit. 

9) Same umpiring crew has worked every Astro game this season, which is strange. 

8) San Francisco Giants are platooning at six of nine positions; they’re probably the team that gets helped the most if the 30-man rosters stick around. 

7) Detroit 7, Cincinnati 2— Most of the pundits on MLB Network touted Cincinnati as a playoff team, but they’re off to a 2-5 start, despite starting out against the Tigers/Royals. 

6) White Sox 3, Royals 2- Kansas City started rookie Zach Bubic, who never pitched above A ball, though he did pitch in college at Stanford, which is good baseball. Young Mr Bubic allowed four baserunners, two earned runs in four IP, not a bad debut. 

5) Aging Detroit star Miguel Cabrera is 4-30 starting off this season; three of the four hits were home runs. 

4) Padres 8, Rockies 7- Fernando Tatis hit a dramatic 2-out, game-tying homer in the 9th inning, then Tommy Pham hit a 3-run tater a few minutes later to pull out an unlikely win in Denver.

3) NFL handed Antonio Brown an 8-game suspension for his antics, so even if someone signs him, he’ll have to hang around for half a season before he starts getting paid.

2) Rockets 153, Mavericks 149 OT— Game was 42-all after the first quarter, the first NBA game since November 6, 1990 (Houston-Denver) where both teams scored 40+ points in the first quarter.

Houston was 33-53 inside the arc, 19-48 outside the arc. Dallas made 21-50 on the arc, 8-10 by Trey Burke off the bench.

Down two with 0:03.7 left, Rockets’ James Harden missed a foul shot, but Houston’s Robert Covington tipped rebound in to tie the game. Friday night was loaded with lot of quality entertainment. Harden scored 49 points for the winners. 

1) Mavericks have players from seven different countries on their roster. 

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