Saturday’s Den: Wrapping up an unusually busy Friday

13) First three rounds of the NFL Draft are over; draft is in Las Vegas, so couple of third round picks were announced by Wayne Newton, Donny Osmond. Really, they were. 

12) By the time the 38th player had been taken in this draft, 12 trades had been made. Lot of teams jockeying mid-round picks between this year and next year. 

11) Liberty QB Malik Willis had an over/under of 15.5 for which pick he’d be taken with; he wound up being the 86th pick, by Tennessee. Has to be disappointing, will be expensive to start with, but if he becomes a good starting QB, he’ll forget this week ever happened. 

10) Indianapolis Colts were +14 in turnovers last year and still missed the playoffs; that’s a red flag for sure, because it is tough to duplicate another +14 turnover ratio. They’ve upgraded a lot at QB, with Matt Ryan over Carson Wentz, but not like Atlanta has won a lot recently either.

9) NFL does a terrific job with guys who announce picks after the first round; Franco Harris, Larry Csonka, Barry Sanders (in addition to Wayne Newton/Donny Osmond). They even had Seton Hall basketball coach Shaheen Holloway announce one of the Jets’ picks. 

8) So far in the USFL, thru two weeks, the team leading at halftime won six of eight games; the two games that won after trailing at halftime? Birmingham Stallions, in both their games. 

7) I’m watching Law and Order re-runs the other day and a familiar face appears; Werner Klemperer, who played Colonel Klink on Hogan’s Heroes, is on an early episode, probably Year 2 of the 20-year series. Lot of famous actors have appeared in Law and Order. 

6) Mets 3, Phillies 0— Five New York pitchers combined to no-hit the Phillies. Tylor Megill needed 88 pitches to get thru the first five innings.

Weird part of this no-hitter; Philly’s Kyle Schwarber batted three times, walked every time. 

5) Trevor Bauer got suspended for two years Friday, which could cost him $60M. Bauer will appeal. As always, the lawyers will be the real winners here.

I myself am not a lawyer; this case is apparently a little complex, but Bauer has not been charged with any crimes. Not sure how you suspend a guy for two years without him being charged with a crime, but that is what has happened. 

4) David Cone was explaining on TV the other day how there are fewer doubles in baseball now, partially because outfielders play a lot deeper  than they used to. Another big reason is that the baseball appears to be a little dead this year.

3) Case in point: Guy on the Pirates hit a fly ball to the warning track the other day, but it got caught; the look he gave was so disgusted, like he was sure he hit a home run but it really wasn’t close to being one. Hitters need to become more line drive conscious and less about launch-angle. 

2) When Joey Gallo batted against Baltimore during the week, Orioles used five outfielders and one of the two remaining infielders had both his feet on the outfield grass when pitches were thrown. I’ve never seen that before and after this year, I’ll never see it again, since shifts will be banned after this season. 

1) Dallas Mavericks beat the Utah Jazz in six games in their playoff series; Dallas won their first  NBA title 11 years ago, but since then, had been 0-6 in playoff series.

Author: Armadillo Sports

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