Saturday’s Den: Wrapping up a frantic Friday……

13) Before we get to sports today, took lot of onions for Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer to go on Chris Cuomo’s TV show Thursday night, hours after it was announced that 13 people were arrested for plotting to kidnap her and wreak havoc on the government in Michigan. 

Cuomo had to be a little queasy too; his brother is the governor of New York.

Crazy times we live in.

12) Baker Mayfield is 15-18 as the Cleveland Browns’ QB, the winningest Cleveland QB since Derek Anderson went 16-18 from 2006-09. Tim Couch was 22-37 in Cleveland, from 1999-2003.

Here are some other Cleveland QB’s during that time:
— Kelly Holcomb 4-8
— Jeff Garcia 3-7
— Trent Dilfer 4-7
— Charlie Frye 6-13
— Brady Quinn 3-9
— Colt McCoy 6-15
— Seneca Wallace 1-6
— Brandon Weeden 5-15
— Jason Campbell 1-7
— Brian Hoyer 10-6
— Johnny Manziel 2-6
— Josh McCown 1-10
— Cody Kessler 0-8
— Robert Griffin III 1-4
— DeShone Kizer 0-15

11) Thursday night, San Diego Padre radio announcers were calling the Dodger-Padre game from their booth at Petco Park, while watching the video feed from Texas on their monitors.

Weird thing is, New York-Tampa Bay were playing right in front of them on the field at Petco, while they were calling the Padres’ game that was being played in Arlington. 

10) Tampa Bay 2, New York 1 (Tampa Bay wins 3-2):
— Mike Brousseau homered in the bottom of the 8th for the deciding run.
— There were only six hits total in whole game.
— Tampa Bay-Houston meet in the ALCS.

Umpire Marvin Hudson worked the plate in this game; he had never called a Glasnow game before, and hadn’t done a Cole game since 2016.

9) Tyler Glasnow threw 37 pitches on two days’ rest, going thru the New York order once. Friday was probably his throw day anyway, but pitching in a decisive playoff game is way different than a throw day. Glasnow’s agent had to be queasy watching those 37 pitches. 

Glasnow made $2.05M this year, can’t be a free agent until 2024, so he has lot of innings to throw before he and his agent strike it rich.

8) If you’re a Pittsburgh Pirate fan and you’re watching Cole-Glasnow in such a high level game, you have to wonder what the bleep has our front office been doing? 

7) Heat 111, Lakers 108 (LA leads 3-2):
— Tremendous game, great advertisement for the sport.
— Jimmy Butler played 47:00, scored 35 points; how has he been traded three times???
— James/Davis scored 68 of the Lakers’ 108 points.

6) I’m not real fond of individual awards, but when I see that Lakers’ GM/VP Rob Pelinka finished 7th in the Executive of the Year voting, I’m like, come on man, have some sense. 

Lakers missed the playoffs the last six years, now they’re in the Finals, and the GM gets no love from the awards people? He hired the coach, he signed Anthony Davis. Oy. 

5) Georgia Tech 46, Louisville 27:
— Guy named Brook Benton once sang Rainy Night in Georgia. This was one of those.
— Louisville led this game 21-7 in 2nd quarter.
— Cardinals outgained Tech 471-450, but was minus-3 in turnovers. 

4) Three people who make me laugh the most: Steve Martin, David Letterman, Bill Murray. 

3) I’ve mentioned Ben Affleck’s movie The Way Back before; was watching it again the other night, and it dawned on me— if you’re drinking a can of beer while you’re in the shower, then you might have a drinking problem- Affleck’s character does that more than once in the movie.

Good movie, especially if you like basketball; the practice/game scenes are very well done. 

2) Dodger catcher Will Smith is the first Dodger EVER to have 5+ hits in a playoff game.

1) Las Vegas Raiders have made the playoffs only one time since 2002, when they lost the Super Bowl to Jon Gruden’s Buccaneers. Raiders lost their last six road playoff games- their last road win in a playoff game was in San Diego, in 1980. 

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