Saturday’s Den: Wrapping up a fall Friday

— Rangers 6, Diamondbacks 5 (11)
Adolis Garcia hit a walk-off home run in the 11th inning.
Corey Seager tied game with a dramatic ninth inning home run.
Texas bullpen threw 6.1 scoreless innings.
Rangers lead series, 1-0.

— If the ghost runner rule in extra innings is such a great rule, why don’t they use it in the playoffs? This is the way baseball was meant to be played, no ghost runners.

— Two years ago, Rangers were 60-102, Arizona was 52-110.

Texas spent a boatload of $$$ to get better, Arizona developed lot of young players, many of whom benefitted from the new rules, which help players who run fast.

Diamondbacks also ripped off Miami, acquiring P Zac Gallen for Jazz Chisholm. I’m told that pithing is an important part of baseball.

— Congrats to Dusty Baker, who retired as manager of the Astros this week. Hopefully he’ll get elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame soon, like next year.

Long time ago, when I was 15, I met Dusty Baker at Shea Stadium in New York— he signed an autograph for me and we talked for a few minutes. Good guy who has had a great career.

— Can’t process the fact that next year, Cal, Stanford and SMU are joining the ACC, seeing how the A in ACC stands for “Atlantic”…… in Ocean.

SMU is in Dallas, in the southwest. Cal/Stanford are in California, which is close to the PACIFIC Ocean, not the ATLANTIC Ocean. Why is Stanford in same league as Boston College, Miami???

— There is a college basketball player who transferred this year, from Cal-San Diego to Vermont. This is a person who doesn’t value good weather; who would rather live in Vermont than in San Diego?

— Florida Atlantic 38, Charlotte 16
FAU threw for 218 yards (8.1 yards/attempt).
Owls are 4-4, need two more wins to be bowl eligible.
Charlotte was 4-19 on 3rd down; they had 12 penalties for 106 yards.

— In the NHL, last time the Montreal Canadiens had a 40-goal scorer was 1994, when Vincent Damphousse scored 40 goals, with 51 assists. That is the longest current drought in the NHL; team that has gone the next-longest without a 40-goal scorer is Arizona (1998).

— Word of the Day: Prodigy— a person who is gifted with exceptional qualities or abilities.

— In the NBA, LA Lakers started the season saying they wanted to put a cap on Lebron James’ minutes played. So far, in two games:

game 1- Lebron played 29:00 (+7). Lakers were minus-19 with him on bench
game 2- Lebron played 35:00 (+22). Lakers were minus-17 with him on bench

In two games, Lakers are +29 with Lebron playing, minus-36 with Lebron on bench.

So much for a minutes restriction.

— Phoenix Suns were docked a 2024 2nd-round draft pick over tampering with Drew Eubanks. NBA found that the Suns engaged in free-agency discussions involving Eubanks before the permitted date (June 30).

— ESPN replaced Jeff Van Gundy/Mark Jackson with Doc Rivers/Doris Burke as the #1 team on its NBA broadcasts. Then again, they have Stephen A Smith and Michael Wilbon on their studio shows, showing how little they care about teaching people about basketball.

Doc Rivers is good as an analyst; the addition of former Warriors GM Bob Meyers should wind up being good. They’ve been in the arena, can tell us what it is like.

Ex-players, ex-coaches, that’s what makes viewers smarter.

— Garrett Temple is in his 14th NBA season; he is playing for Toronto this year, his 12th NBA team, after playing in college at LSU. He could write a very interesting book.

— Dereck Lively scored 16 points for the Mavericks in his NBA debut; the most points he ever scored in college was 13 points, last year for Duke.

— There are 125 international players on NBA rosters this year, a new record, including 26 players from Canada, 14 from France. All in all, 41 countries are represented in the NBA.

— Thunder 108, Cavaliers 105— Shai Gilgeous-Alexander scored 34 points, took only two foul shots, which suggests that Cleveland didn’t guard him aggressively enough. 

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