Saturday’s Den: Random thoughts on a stormy night

13) If MLB winds up expanding to 32 teams, to make up the money they’re losing this year, what two cities would they pick to expand to? Montreal? Portland? Nashville?

12) Let’s see that when the inevitable expansion draft happens, and teams can protect, say 15 guys on their roster, there are going to be some very interesting decisions involved with who gets let go and who gets protected.

Usually when there are two new expansion teams, one tries harder to win right away, and the other has better long term success. This will be an interesting process to follow.

11) Someone posted a thing the week about how long it takes college basketball coaches to win their first national title; for most, longer than you might think.

27th year— Jim Calhoun, Jim Boeheim
24th— Gary Williams, Lute Olson
22nd— Norm Sloan, Jerry Tarkanian, Jay Wright
21st— Dean Smith
20th— John Calipari
18th— John Wooden

10) If you look at the 12 NFL teams who scored the most points over the course of a regular season, none of them won the Super Bowl that season.

9) Mets’ pitcher Jacob deGrom was a shortstop in college at Stetson; he didn’t pitch much in college. deGrom his one home run in college, against Florida Gulf Coast, off a pretty good major league pitcher— Chris Sale.

8) Japanese pro baseball leagues will start up on June 19, also without fans.

7) Most walk-off home runs, all-time:
13— Jim Thome
12— Jimmie Foxx, Frank Robinson, Mickey Mantle, Stan Musial, Albert Pujols, Babe Ruth
11— Tony Perez, David Ortiz, Ryan Zimmerman

6) Al Leiter started two games on the mound for the Mets in the 2000 World Series; he threw 126 pitches in Game 1, 142 pitches in Game 5. At age 34.

Leiter went 162-132 in a 19-year career for four teams; he pitched in the playoffs in five of those seasons.

5) Last 36 years, every NBA Finals has had at least one guy in it who was, at one time, a teammate of Shaquille O’Neal. Last one that didn’t? 1984.

4) San Diego Padres have been a major league team for 51 years; they’ve never had the same starting second baseman four years in a row.

3) Jalen Kitna, son of former NFL QB Jon Kitna, signed on to play college football at Florida this week. Jon Kitna played 14 years as a QB, for Bengals, Seattle, Lions, Dallas.

2) In his great NFL career, Arizona Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald has caught TD passes from 16 different quarterbacks.

1) Longest games ended by a walk-off homer:
25th inning— Harold Baines 1984, White Sox over Milwaukee

22nd— Pedro Munoz 1993, Twins over Cleveland

21st— Dick Allen 1973, White Sox over Cleveland

19th— Brandon Moss 2013, A’s over Angels
Joe Rudi 1972, A’s over White Sox
Albert Pujols 2014, Angels over Boston
Mike Cameron 2000, Mariners over Boston
Andy Etchebarren 1967, Orioles over Washington
Willie Kirkland 1963, Indians over Washington

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