Saturday’s Den: Random thoughts on a spring day

13) Back in the late 90’s, I was a Little League coach for a few years; questionable decision, interesting experience.

One night we’re beating this team and their third baseman is having a rough time; the two dugouts were both on the third base side, so you can pretty much hear everything being said.

The other team’s coach is getting on the third baseman pretty good; he is a 12-year old, and I guess more was expected of him. Finally, the kid has enough of being scolded and snaps back:

“Hey!!! You’re the one who put me here!!!”

I had to walk away for 5-10 minutes, couldn’t stop laughing.

12) If there is no baseball this season, then the Dodgers traded three young players for Mookie Betts, David Price, but Betts is a free agent next winter, so he could walk, and LA would’ve been fleeced pretty badly on the deal.

11) Stan Musial is the only major leaguer who got his 3,000th hit as a pinch-hitter.

10) When Joe DiMaggio had his 56-game hitting streak in 1941, there were lot fewer teams, and pitchers went deeper into games; DiMaggio faced a total of only 43 different pitchers in those 56 games.

In 2009, Ryan Zimmerman had a 30-game hitting streak; he faced 90 different pitchers during that streak.

9) Strange stat; in 1986, Darryl Strawberry hit 27 homers, knocked in 93 runs for the World Series champion Mets— he was a powerful hitter, but in August ’86, Strawberry went 0-45 at home, and was often booed at Shea Stadium.

8) Wake Forest basketball coach Steve Forbes offered a 9th grader a scholarship this week; this happens sometimes, because the first team to offer a kid a scholarship usually stays in the chase a little longer than expected, so underdog teams offer early.

7) Long Beach State changed its nickname, from 49ers to Sharks.

6) Chargers have to travel 25,455 miles this season, Chiefs only 15,661, the biggest disparity between any two division rivals in the NFL this season.

5) Jong Hun-Park is a starting pitcher for the KS Wyverns in the KBO; he is a submarine pitcher, which is very unusual for a starter.

I’m watching him pitch and it dawns on me: what the hell is a wyvern?

According to Wikipedia, a wyvern is “…….legendary bipedal dragon with a tail.”

4) Doosan Bears made the K-Series the last five years, going 3-2 in those series.

3) Since 2006, underdogs in Weeks 1-4 of the CFL season are 130-82-2 ATS, but went only 15-16 LY; if there is a CFL season this year, will the early season underdogs bounce back?

2) RIP to former big leaguer Bob Watson, 74, who passed away this week. Watson played 19 years in the major leagues had a career .364 on-base %. He played most of his career for the Astors, and later became a big league general manager.

On May 4, 1975, Watson scored the 1,000,000th run in major league history, which was a big deal for a week or so back then. Good ballplayer. RIP, sir.

1) Words I thought I would never, ever say:

“I really need a haircut”

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