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13) Houston Texans’ QB Deshaun Watson offered input on potential GM candidates to the team’s owner, but the Texans neither considered nor consulted with those people, and now Watson is annoyed, which isn’t good when he has a 4-year, $156M contract.

Watson was justifiably unhappy when the Texans traded WR DeAndre Hopkins to Arizona; when the team’s owner says Watson will have input on hiring decisions, then he has to be listened to, even if you don’t agree with his choices. But he wasn’t listened to, and now the team has a big problem on their hands. 

12) When the late Al Davis was running the Raiders and was looking to hire coaches, he would often interview coaches he had no intention of hiring, because he wanted to pick their brains. 

11) Dallas Cowboys fired DC Mike Nolan Friday, so they’ll have their third defensive coordinator in three years next season. 

10) Saw an amazing video the other day, of Steph Curry making 105 3-pointers in a row at a recent practice. Curry has made shooting cool, and has proven that you can really rich by being a great shooter, which has made basketball a lot more fun to watch. 

9) Get well soon to Curry’s brother Seth, who plays for the 76ers and recently tested positive for COVID. 76ers finally got out of New York Friday night; they’ll only have six guys available for their next game, Saturday against Denver. 

8) Xavier did something unusual Wednesday night; they beat St John’s 69-61, but were 0-12 on the arc. Not often does a team win when they go empty outside the arc. Xavier outscored the Red Storm 21-8 on foul line; Johnnies were only 8-15 on the charity stripe. 

7) Stat that surprised the hell out of me: Indiana Hoosiers have now lost 18 games in a row at Wisconsin. Then again, Indiana has been above .500 in conference play in only three of the last 12 seasons. Still think they should hire Steve Alford as coach. 

6) Purdue 55, Michigan State 54:
— Spartans lost despite leading 31-16 at halftime.
— Purdue won despite going 3-24 on the arc.
— Purdue outscored MSU 5-0 over the last 0:19. 

5) Dayton 89, Davidson 78, OT— High quality game in the Atlantic 14. Flyers had been stunned in their last game, losing as an 11-point favorite at Fordham, so this is a good bounce back. 

4) Green Bay 84, Oakland 81, OT— Green Bay started the season 0-9, but has now won its last two games, both in overtime. 

3) Quinnipiac 84, Manhattan 79, 2OT— Jaspers led 60-49 with 6:25 left in this game, but let it get away. Teams combined to make 11-49 on the arc, a total brickfest. 

2) As I type this, underdogs are 77-51 ATS in the NBA this season, with three games still going on Friday night. Thats 60.2%; not having crowds helps the road teams.

1) Last three years, in this round of the NFL playoffs, underdogs went 8-2-1 ATS; one game was a pick ‘em. This will be the first time #2 seeds don’t have a bye in this round. 

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