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Lot of money flying around this week……
13) Arizona Cardinals’ QB Kyler Murray signed a 5-year, $230.5M contract extension that guarantees him $160M. Murray has a 22-24-1 record in three years with Arizona, losing his only playoff game 34-11 last season. 

12) Speaking of QBs and contracts, here are Baker Mayfield’s contract incentives:
If Mayfield plays 75% of regular season snaps AND
— 10+ wins— $250K
— divisional round win (with 50% snaps) $500K
— NFC championship win (with 50% snaps) $600K
— Super Bowl win (with 50% snaps) $750K

Playing time/team’s total offense:
— 75% of snaps and top 5 in NFC or top 10 in NFL in total offense— $300K
— 75% of snaps and top 5 in NFC or top 10 in NFL in points scored— $300K

Completion percentage: (minimum 224 attempts)
— 75% of snaps and top 5 in NFC or top 10 in NFL— $300K
— making Pro Bowl— $500K

11) Georgia football coach Kirby Smart signed a 10-year contract extension worth $112.5M.  

10) Last year, Georgia became the fifth team in big-time college football history to win 13 games by 15+ points and just the second team to do it over the last 100 years. 2018 Clemson Tigers also did that; before them, Minnesota in 1903 was the last team to do it.

9) Philadelphia 76ers’ star James Harden signed a 2-year deal worth $68.6M. 

8) Charles Barkley makes $10M a year working on TNT; that’s a pretty good gig. 

7) Word of the Day— Quisling— a traitor who collaborates with an enemy force. 

6) Couple notes about the NFL red zone:
— Only 22.4% of touchdowns in the NFL last year came on plays longer than 20 yards, the lowest percentage in the last ten years.
— Teams scored TD’s 58.2% of the time they got inside the 20-yard line, the 3rd-highest %age in the last decade. 

5) New Mexico Lobos’ football team used five different QB’s in each of the last two years; things got so bad for them last year, a student manager played QB in three games, starting in a 35-10 loss to Utah State.

A long time ago, I was a student manager for our college basketball team; things wouldn’t have gone too well if I had to play in a real game.

August 1980, we took a 16-day trip to Sweden and played in some exhibitions; somehow, I got in one of the games, and proceeded to shoot most of the time they threw me the ball. I was subbed out for pretty quickly. Go figure. 

4) It feels weird typing this, but over the last four years, Florida State’s football team is 19-27.

3) Houston 3, New York 2— Astros’ first two batters in first inning of Thursday’s twinbill opener reached base with a bunt single. It is the 41st time it has happened in MLB history; Astros are first team to do it since the Colorado Rockies on September 15, 2015.

2) Los Angeles Dodgers are 60-30, only 7-9 in one-run games. If you wagered on the Dodgers, would it be smart to play them -1.5 runs? 53 of their 60 wins are by 2+ runs.

1) Suggestions for TV coverage of the All-Star Game:
— There are 64 All-Stars; only 10 of them are on the field at once.
— Interview one of the other 54 All-Stars in each dugout, in the bullpens, wherever.
— Interview the managers.
— Do NOT interview players who are on the field, playing the game.
— For better or worse, people bet on this stuff, and you’ve got pitchers/batters miked. It isn’t good. 

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