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13) Dodgers gave P Trevor Bauer a 3-year, $102M contract; Bauer has a $17M option on Year 3  of the contract, so it is really a 2-year, $85M deal, unless Bauer struggles badly and then doesn’t opt out after the second year. If he pitches well for two years, he’ll definitely opt out so he can make a lot more than $17M in 2023.

12) Some random observations from the contract:
— An agent’s take is generally 3%, so that is a minimum of $3,060,000 for the agent.

Two years ago, no MLB pitcher started more than 34 games. Assuming Bauer starts 34 games in each of the next two seasons, for which he will be paid $85M, that means he earns:
— $1,250,000 per start
— If he averages 6.2 innings per start (his average from 2018-20), that is $187,490.643 per inning, $62,496.88 per out.

Not bad for a guy with a 75-64 career record.

11) Braves signed OF Marcell Ozuna to a 4-year, $65M deal; Ozuna knocked in 56 runs in 60 games LY, his first year as a Brave.

10) These two contracts come on the heels of the news that the average major league salary went down last year, for the third year in a row. 

9) Speaking of salaries, Clemson’s offensive coordinator now makes $2M a year, making him the third college coordinator to earn $2M+ a year. Not a bad gig for an assistant coach.

8) Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence, widely expected to be the #1 pick in the NFL Draft, is going to have surgery on his left (non-throwing) shoulder. Lawrence will throw for NFL scouts next Friday instead of on Clemson’s Pro Day, so he can have the operation and his shoulder will have more time to heal.

7) When Duke-North Carolina play tonight, it’ll be the first time since 1960 that the rivals have met, with neither team ranked in the top 25.

6) When he was a GM, Theo Epstein won World Series titles with the Red Sox and Cubs; he’ll probably be in the Hall of Fame someday, but even the great ones make mistakes now and then.

December 8, 2011, Epstein made this trade with Colorado:
— Rockies got DJ LeMahieu, Tyler Colvin
— Cubs got Ian Stewart, Casey Weathers

Not his finest moment, but he also got Anthony Rizzo for Andrew Cashner. Obviously, he’s done a lot more good than bad. 

5) Didn’t take long for a Matthew Stafford 2021 betting prop to show up online:

— Over 28.5 TD passes (-$125)
— Under 28.5 TD passes (+$105)

4) Thru two rounds of this week’s PGA tournament in Phoenix, Xander Schauffele leads by a stroke; since the beginning of the 2017-18 season, this is the 26th time Schauffele has been in the top-10 through 36 holes, most of any player during that time.

3) In 54 Super Bowls, there have been 15 pick-6’s, where a team runs an INT back for a TD. The only team to score a pick-6 in a Super Bowl and lose? Atlanta Falcons four years ago. 

2) Sounds like the NBA is going to have an All-Star Game on March 7, even though not all of the league’s stars are on board with that idea.

Sunday after that is Selection Sunday for the NCAA Tournament, March should be a fun month. 

1) Over the last 25 years, Super Bowl teams who were #3 or lower seed in their conference are 8-3 SU, 10-0-1 ATS. Tampa Bay was the #5-seed in the NFC this year. 

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