Saturday’s Den: Random stuff on a summer night…….

— Learned something unusual this week; Mets had actor Hank Azaria in their broadcast booth during their game the other night. He is a big Mets fan, knowledgeable, but he said on air that he wasn’t allowed to talk about any of his acting projects, because the Screen Actors’ Guild is on strike. 

Talking about his projects would be construed as promoting movies/TV shows and during a strike, that doesn’t happen, so all they did was talk about baseball, which was good.

— Minnesota Twins have been in the playoffs six times since 2004; they went 0-18 in those playoff games. No bueno.

— Dodgers’ OF Chris Taylor is the only major leaguer EVER whose first home run was a grand slam, and his 100th career homer was also a grand slam.

— There have been four major league pitchers who went to Fullerton Union HS in Orange County, CA; all four of them have thrown no-hitters in the major leagues.

Walter Johnson, a Hall of Famer
Steve Busby, who pitched for the early Royals teams
Mike Warren, who played minor league ball here in Albany, NY
Michael Lorenzen, who tossed a no-hitter for the Phillies this week. 

— During Lorenzen’s no-hitter Wednesday, Phillies’ CF Johan Rojas caught nine fly balls, the most fly balls one outfielder has ever caught in a no-hitter.

— Movie of the Day— A Star is Born (2018)— A famous musician discovers a young singer in a small club, and helps her find her own fame as age and alcoholism send his own career into a downward spiral.

Bradley Cooper/Lady Gaga are the singers, Anthony Ramos plays her friend, Andrew Dice Clay is her father. Sam Elliott plays Bradley Cooper’s brother.

This movie has been made four times (1937, 1954, 1976, 2018); this version is very similar to the 1954 movie, with Judy Garland/James Mason. Very good movie. 

First hour of the movie is great fun; second half is a little depressing. Tremendous music for sure and a terrific story, with an unfortunate ending. 

— NFL Trend of the Day— NFL teams other than the Broncos are 19-7-3 ATS when their previous game was in Denver.

— Why did the elephant quit the circus?

He was sick of working for peanuts.

— The guy who sculpts the busts for the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Ohio played football at BYU back when Jim McMahon was the Cougars’ QB.

— When I was a kid, there were two guys who lived in my neighborhood who drove Cadillacs; one owned a funeral parlor, one owned a beer distributorship.

Owning a funeral parlor sounds kind of depressing, but selling beer for a living sounds kind of fun. One thing for sure, you wouldn’t run out of customers.

— Packers 36, Bengals 19— Jordan Love was 7-10/46 passing, with one TD pass.

— Lions 21. Giants 16— Detroit trailed 13-3 when they ran a punt back 95 yards for a TD.
Lions scored game-winning TD with 1:51 left.

— Falcons 19, Dolphins 3— Atlanta scored only two TD’s of the game; a 79-yard punt return and 26-yard pick-6.

— Steelers 27, Buccaneers 17
Rookie WR Kade Warner caught one pass for 10 yards; he is Kurt Warner’s son.
Wolford/Mayfield played QB for Tampa Bay; they were both on the Rams last year.

— Commanders 17, Browns 15— Washington QB Howell was 9-12 for 77 yards passing and a TD; he is expected to be the Commanders’ starter.

— Cardinals 18, Broncos 17
Denver led 10-3 after three quarters.
Arizona scored TD/got 2-point conversion with 0:02 left for the win.
Elliott Fry made a 55-yard field goal for the Broncos. 

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