Saturday’s Den: Random stuff on a summer day……

— Pre-season games are fun to watch; you can learn stuff from watching/listening to them, but don’t take the results too seriously.

2008 Detroit Lions went 4-0 in their preseason games, then they went 0-16 in the regular season.

— NFL players come from all over; Rams have a rookie DB Cobie Durant, who played his college ball at South Carolina State.

Thing is, Durant didn’t have any college scholarship offers when he came out of high school; he worked at FedEx for a year, before South Carolina State signed him up. Now he’s in the NFL, on a very good team. Good for him. 

— Thursday night, ESPN’s Louis Riddick inferred that he believes NFL officials are going to call fewer pass interference penalties on longer passes this year.

Does that mean lower scoring games? Less fantasy points for WR’s? It is something that will be interesting to keep an eye on.  

— Chicago-Seattle game Thursday was the longest road trip the Bears will make this season. 

— I seriously don’t know why, but FOX re-hired Urban Meyer for its Saturday college football pre-game shows; last time Meyer was on TV, he wasn’t good, lacking personality more than anyone I’ve ever heard on TV. He seemed incapable of laughter/humor, and his NFL disaster in Jacksonville hurt his reputation as a coach.

— ESPN, on the other hand, hired a different ex-Florida coach, Dan Mullen to its studio shows. Unlike Meyer, Mullen appears to have a personality; he should be good on TV. 

— Texas Longhorns named Ohio State transfer Quinn Evers their starting QB; he better play well this season if he wants to start again next year, because Arch Manning is going to Texas next season, and Arch Manning ain’t going to sit on the bench for very long. 

— In the top six college basketball conferences, there are six teams that didn’t bring in any transfers for this season:

Michigan State

Last season, only four teams from those six leagues didn’t bring in a transfer.

— Baseball players snack on cookies/fruit in the dugout during games now; haven’t seen much of that until the last couple years.  

— Orioles 15, Red Sox 10— Good night if you have a few Orioles on your fantasy team; seven of their nine batters had 2+ hits. Top four guys in their lineup were 10-18 with 10 runs scored.

— Blue Jays 4, Bronx 0— At what point does New York fire someone (like their hitting coach) just to shake things up a little? Bronx scored 19 runs in their last ten games; they’re 9-19 since the All-Star Game, 15-26 in their last 41 games, which is 25% of a season.

— Angels 1, Tigers 0— Patrick Sandoval tossed a complete game shutout.

— Nationals 6, Padres 3— Josh Hader came in with game tied 3-3; he faced three batters, who all scored. In five games with San Diego, Hader has allowed six runs in 3.1 IP.

— If the playoffs started today (they do not):
NL: Mets, Cardinals, Dodgers. Wild Cards: Atlanta, Philly, San Diego
AL: New York, Guardians, Astros. Wild Cards: Seattle, Toronto, Tampa Bay

— MLB teams’ records in games where winning run scored from 7th inning on:
Arizona 5-9/12-10….17-19
Atlanta 6-4/12-8….18-12
Cubs 8-9/9-10….17-19
Cincinnati 8-6/8-8….16-14
Colorado 8-13/10-6….18-19
Dodgers 6-6/8-5….14-11
Miami 11-8/7-8….18-16
Milwaukee 12-10/7-3….19-13
Mets 7-6/6-8….13-14
Philadelphia 12-6/6-12….18-18
Pittsburgh 5-14/10-5….15-19
St Louis 6-3/8-9….14-12
San Diego 8-13/9-8….17-21
San Francisco 5-13/5-7….10-20
Washington 7-5/6-8…..13-13

Baltimore 5-8/12-4….17-12
Boston 7-12/6-8….13-20
White Sox 7-6/15-8….22-14
Cleveland 15-6/10-5….25-11
Detroit 9-10/9-7….18-17
Houston 9-8/7-5….16-13
Kansas City 7-9/8-9….15-18
Angels 5-7/4-12….9-19
Minnesota 3-11/7-10….10-21
New York 7-13/13-9….20-22
Oakland 8-7/3-13….11-20
Seattle 9-5/11-10….20-15
Tampa Bay 8-12/10-6….18-18
Texas 11-9/7-9….18-18
Toronto 9-8/10-5….19-13

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