Saturday’s Den: Random stuff on a fall Saturday…….and NHL trends

13) Eight college football coaches have already been fired this season; when a coach gets fired, the school that fires him eats money, sometimes a lot of money.

Since 2010, these schools have eaten the most $$$ after firing coaches:
$31.2M— Auburn
$25.8M— Nebraska
$21.5M— Texas

12) College basketball starts Tuesday; here are couple of early spreads for the twin bill at Madison Square Garden:
— Kansas (-5) vs Michigan State
— Duke (-1.5) vs Kentucky

11) Utah 52, Stanford 7:
— Utah led this game 38-0 at halftime. Not the best entertainment.
— Utes had 440 total yards……at halftime.

10) Nets 96, Pistons 90— Cade Cunningham was the first pick in last summer’s NBA Draft; he is off to a rough start, shooting 13-51 from the floor (25.5%) in his first four pro games. It is only four games; he also has 23 rebounds, 11 assists, but 25.5% is a red flag, for sure.

Maybe it points out the widening gap between the skill level in college ball and the NBA. Guys leave college for the NBA too soon; they keep developing in the NBA, as they keep maturing into adults. NBA teams have lot more assistant coaches than they used to; some of them are just skill development guys, not game-prep guys.

9) Warriors 126, Pelicans 85— I need to hear an explanation why New Orleans fired Stan Van Gundy, after only one season in the Big Easy. Pelicans are 1-10 and sinking fast.

8) QB Jason Brown is starting for South Carolina against Florida this week; he is a transfer from I-AA St Francis PA. Brown will be the third different starting quarterback for the Gamecocks this season; I’m guessing South Carolina will add one or two transfer QB’s this winter.

7) Saw two big-time NBA scorers, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Luka Doncic, make shots this week, both with a foot in the center court jump circle. Never thought I’d see the day when guys take jumpshots from just inside half court, but here we are. If guys can make 37.5% of them, or 3 out of every 8 shots, then they’re good shots.

6) Sacramento State basketball coach Brian Katz is retiring after 14 years due to medical reasons; Katz is the winningest coach in Sac State’s Division I history (since 1991) with 150 wins. He was named national mid-major and co-Big Sky coach of the year and led the Hornets to their first postseason game in 53 years at the 2015 CollegeInsider Tournament.

5) Cleveland Browns released WR Odell Beckham; he goes on waivers Monday, can be claimed beginnng 4:00 Tuesday. Myself, I wouldn’t touch the guy with a 10-foot pole; Cleveland will be better off without him. Its an addition-by-subtraction thing.

3) When Louisiana beat Georgia State Thursday night, they clinched the Sun Belt West, and their 4th consecutive berth in the Sun Belt championship game.

2) Baseball stuff:
— Cubs picked up P Wade Miley off waivers from Cincinnati Friday; Miley will be 35 next week; he was 12-7, 3.37 in 28 starts for Cincinnati this year. He had a 2.80 ERA in first half of the year, 4.19 in the second half.
— Cleveland Guardians (Guardians, not Indians) picked ip the $12M option on Jose Ramirez for next season.
— Charlie Blackmon accepted the $21M player option from Colorado for next year.

1) How does Iowa have a mobile sports betting app, but New York doesn’t? Our politicians need to get this done next year. Seriously, it is costing the state a lot of money.

New York Times ran a great story few weeks ago about a guy who for the last year, has been biking from his home in Washington Heights in Manhattan, over the George Washington Bridge and makes modest bets (most of them in the $2-$15 range), then cycles home to watch the games on TV/Interweb. Guy is risking his life to place bets. People like to bet; would be nice if for once, the politicians gave people something they like.

NHL trends (thru Friday)
— Won last three games.
— Ducks are 1-4 on road (over 4-1).
— Over 7-2 last nine. 

— They’re 0-11, giving up only 10 goals in last four games.
— Coyotes were outscored 15-3 in last five games.
— One of their losses was in SO, at Buffalo.
— Arizona was outscored 15-5 in three home games.

— Won four of last six games.
— 4-0 at home, 1-3 on road.
— Under is 3-1 in their road games. 

— Lost their last three games.
— 4-1 at home, 1-4 on road.
— Over is 3-1 in last four games.

— Flames are 5-1 on road, 1-3 at home.
— Under 3-1 at home; over 3-1 last four road tilts.
— Flames are 0-3 in OT games at home.

— Hurricanes are 9-0, scoring 37 goals.
— Under is 3-1 in their last four home games.
— Only three of their wins were by one goal.

— Blackhawks are 1-11, with two OT losses.
— Over is 3-1-1 in their road games.
— Chicago was outscored 20-10 in five road games (0-5)

— Colorado is 3-5 in its last eight games.
— Three of four road games went over. 

— Won three of their last four games.
— Blue Jackets are 4-1 at home, with two wins in OT.
— Columbus is 3-0 after a loss, 2-3 after a win.

— Dallas lost four of its last five games.
— Under is 8-2 in Dallas games (last two over).
— Under is 3-0 in their home games.
— All four Dallas wins came in OT/SO.

— Red Wings lost last four games, outscored 16-7.
— Under is 4-1 in their home games.
— Over is 4-2 in their road games.

— Oilers won nine of first ten games, scoring 40 goals.
— Oilers are 3-0 on road, outscoring foes 12-5.
— Over is 5-1-1 in last seven games.
— Only loss was 5-3 at home to the Flyers. 

— Panthers are 9-1, with only loss in shootout. 
— Under is 4-0 in their road games.
— Over is 4-2 in their home games.
— Florida is 6-0 at home, outscoring foes 28-14.

Los Angeles
— LA won last four games, after a 1-6 start.
— Kings are 5-2 at home, 0-4 on road.
— Under is 8-2 in their last ten games.

— Wild is 6-3, with all six wins by one goal.
— Over is 4-0 in their home games, 0-5 on road.
— All three of their home wins were in overtime.

— Canadiens are 2-4 at home, 1-5 on road.
— Five of their last seven games went over.
— Montreal scored two or fewer goals in 9 of 12 games.

— Predators won five of last six games, after 1-4 start.
— Under is 5-1 in their home games, 2-3 on road.
— Nashville is 2-0 in OT/SO

New Jersey
— Devils lost three of last four games.
— Devils lost three of last four home games.
— New Jersey is 2-2 in OT/SO.

NY Islanders
— Five of Islanders’ last six games stayed under total.
— Islanders haven’t played a home game yet; they’re 4-4.

NY Rangers
— Rangers lost last two games, both in OT.
— Under is 7-2 in their last nine games.
— Rangers are 1-2 at home, 5-3 on road.

— Senators lost six of last seven games.
— Ottawa lost its last four home games.
— Over is 3-1-1 in last five Ottawa games.

— Flyers are 3-2 at home, 2-2 on road.
— Last four games overall stayed under total.
— Over is 4-1 in their home games, 1-3 on road.

— Pittsburgh lost three of last four games, outscored 15-6.
— Over is 2-0 in Penguin road games.

St Louis
— St Louis won seven of first nine games.
— St Louis is 3-1 at home, 4-1 on road.
— Blues allowed 18 goals in nine games.

San Jose
— Sharks lost four of their last six games.
— Over is 4-1 in San Jose’s last seven games.
— Sharks are 3-2 at home, 3-2 on road.

— Seattle is 3-2 last five games, after a 1-5 start.
— Kraken are 3-2 at home, 1-5 on road. 
— Over is 4-1-1 in their road games.  

Tampa Bay
— Lightning won three of last four games, giving up six goals.
— Over is 3-2 in their home games, 2-2-1 in road games.
— Lightning is 2-3 at home, 3-2 on road.
— They split four OT/SO games.

— Toronto won last four games (two in OT)
— Under is 4-1 in their last five games.
— Under is 3-1 in Toronto road games.
— Maple Leafs are 5-2 at home, 1-3 on road.  

— Canucks are 1-4 at home, 3-3 on road.
— Under is 6-0-1 in their last seven games.
— Vancouver scored nine goals in last five games. 

— Knights won four of last three games, after 1-4 start.
— They’re 2-3 at home, 3-2 on road.
— Under is 4-2 in their last six games. 

— Caps lost three of their last four games.
— Washington is 3-1 after a loss.
— Washington is 1-4 after a win.
— Under is 3-1 in Caps’ last four games. 

— Jets won six of their last seven games.
— Jets are 4-0 at home, 2-4 on road.
— Over is 6-2 in last eight Winnipeg games.

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