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Before we start tonight, if you like golf and you live in the Albany/Clifton Park area, there is a place you need to visit. Actually, four of them.

Friend of mine is part-owner of the The Bunker, golf simulators with food/drink on site.

There are Bunkers in Guilderland, Clifton Park, Loudonville, North Greenbush.

They’ve got good food, private areas for parties, good music and an excellent opportunity to work on your golf game. I highly recommend it.

In the world of sports tonight……
— Terry Francona’s managerial career:
1997-2000 Phillies 285-363, no playoff games
2004-11 Boston Red Sox 744-552, 28-17 playoffs, won 2 World Series
2013-22 Cleveland 845-671, 13-14 playoffs, won 2016 AL title

He was also the AA Birmingham Barons’ manager the year Michael Jordan played minor league ball, which had to be a fascinating experience.

Francona is a Hall of Fame manager, for sure.

— Guardians 2, Rays 1
Siri homered in the top of the 6th inning for Tampa. When he hit the home run, someone said “Siri hit a home run” and the guy’s phone started asking him questions. No, not that Siri.

Jose Ramirez hit a 2-run homer in the bottom of the 6th; hard to overstate how great a player he’s been— the last two years, he’s hit 65 homers, knocked in 229 runs.

Top three hitters in the Rays’ order went 0-12.

— Padres 7, Mets 1
Josh Bell homered in first inning for San Diego.
Scherzer allowed seven runs in 4.2 IP

Yu Darvish allowed one run in 7 IP.

— Peter Seidler is the Padres’ owner; he founded a private equity firm and became really, really rich. Seidler became the Padres’ largest stakeholder in 2020.

What makes this noteworthy is that Seidler’s grandfather was Walter O’Malley, the guy who used to own the Dodgers, the guy who moved the Dodgers from Brooklyn to Los Angeles.

When I was a kid, I learned at a very young age to never say the name “O’Malley”; my dad grew up in New York City, was a huge Brooklyn Dodger fan. He disliked Walter O’Malley, and that is being kind. If my dad were alive today and watching his Mets play against a team owned by O’Malley’s grandson, well that would’ve been interesting.

— Phillies 6, Cardinals 2
Juan Yepez put St Louis up 2-0 with a 2-run homer in 7th inning.
Phillies scored six runs in ninth inning. Juan Segura had the go-ahead hit. 

— Mariners 4, Blue Jays 0
Cal Raleigh hit a 2-run homer in first inning, the first 1st-inning runs Manoah allowed at home this season. 

Castillo got 22 outs on 108 pitches; pretty good acquisition at the trade deadline.

— Atlanta Braves Dansby Swanson/Matt Olson were only major leaguers this season who played in all 162 of their team’s games.

— Houston 33, Memphis 32
Memphis led 20-7 after three quarters.
Houston scored a TD with 1:17 left, another one with 0:18 left.
Cougars recovered an onside kick to set up the winning score.

— Nebraska 14, Rutgers 13
Rutgers led this game 13-0 at halftime.
Nebraska scored game-winning TD with 8:54 left on a 27-yard drive after an INT
Cornhuskers won despite running the ball 29 times for only 72 yards.

— Denver Broncos had ball in red zone on four drives Thursday night, but scored only three points on those drives, which is really bad.

Broncos/Colts both acquired an aging star QB this off-season, much like Tampa Bay got Tom Brady two years ago, and Rams added Matthew Stafford last year. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Bucs/Rams both won a Super Bowl with their new QB’s.

So far though, Colts/Broncos are struggling on offense. Colts’ offensive line is a mess, which is really bad for an older, immobile QB. There are murmurs that Denver’s new head coach may be overmatched in his job- he is supposed to be an offensive guru. So far, not so much.

— Texas-Oklahoma play today; this is first time Longhorns are favored over Oklahoma since 2009, when I watched the game in Planet Hollywood’s sports book in Las Vegas. 

Remember sitting there watching Sam Bradford getting tossed around like a rag doll by Texas defenders, and I laughed: “Some dumb team is going to draft Bradford next spring, and they’re going to regret it” Turns out I was right, unfortunately.

Six months later, I wasn’t laughing when the Rams took him with the first pick in the 2010 draft. He played four (injury-plagued) years for the Rams, going 18-30-1 in his starts.


— Villanova’s top basketball recruit, Cam Whitmore hurt his thumb this week and had surgery on the thumb- he’ll miss the start of the season. Whitmore is expected to be the first one/done Villanova player, that’s how good he is supposed to be.

— Atlanta Hawks-Milwaukee Bucks played couple game in Abu Dhabi this week; the NBA uses its preseason schedule to promote their sport world-wide, and they’re really good at it.

Not sure traveling halfway around the world is the best way to prepare your team for an 82-game season but it helps the league make a boatload of money. 

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