Saturday’s Den: Looking at college basketball conferences

Big X:
— League has no bad teams; Kansas is only team with one league loss.
— Have four teams ranked in top 20 nationally.
— Worst ranking on Kansas State, #55
— Six teams look solid; Iowa State/TCU are bubble teams. 

Big 14:
— Figure to get eight teams in tournament.
— League has four teams outside the top 80.
— Illinois is likely the best team, if they can keep big man Cockburn healthy.
— League has 2nd-fewest turnovers of any league in country.

— Last time league was ranked this high was 2007.
— Figure to get six or seven teams in; Miss State/Arkansas are on bubble.
— Most blocked shots, most offensive rebounds in country.
— South Carolina was in 2017 Final Four; since then, they’re 33-42 in SEC.

Big East:
— Teams from Nebraska and New Jersey in same league? Oy.
— Looking like six teams in NCAA’s; Creighton is on bubble.
— Butler is 1-5 in last six games, with all five losses by 15+.
— Marquette has jumped from #83 to #47 in last 18 days. 

— League was #5 LY, is #5 this year, its worst ranking since 2013.
— Five teams are outside the top 100; only four are in top 50.
— Tempo in ACC games ranks 29th out of 32 leagues.
— Only three teams are sold for bid; Miami is a bubble team. 

— Arizona is in first place; they’re 4th-least experienced team in country.
— Oregon State was in Elite 8 LY; they’re 3-14 this year.
— USC split its last four games, after a 13-0 start.
— Looking like four teams in NCAA’s, with Oregon the 4th team.

Mountain West
— Last five years, league had only 8 teams in NCAA’s.
— Last six years, Mountain West teams are 2-9 in first round.
— Boise St is 14-4, Wyoming 14-2; can they join San Diego State this year?
— 41.2% of shots in MW games are 3’s, 2nd-highest in country.

— Looking like a one-bid league, if Houston wins AAC tournament.
— Last five years, AAC had 15 teams in NCAA’s.
— Houston is 16-2, despite losing two starters for season with injuries.
— Memphis was #17 on Thanksgiving; they’re 4-8 since then.

— Gonzaga is looking at its fifth #1 seed the last six years.
Saint Mary’s/San Francisco are bubble teams; can WCC get four teams in?
— Tempo in WCC games is 2nd-fastest in country.
— Last 10 years, WCC teams other than Gonzaga are 2-8 in NCAA’s.

Atlantic 14:
— Davidson is 15-2, has won 14 in row; they’re shooting 42.2% on arc (#2)
— St Bonaventure/VCU are looking like bubble teams.
— League doesn’t have anyone ranked in top 40, which hurts.
— Today is January 22; George Mason has played one league game.

Missouri Valley:
— Last five years, Valley has had only six NCAA Tourney teams.
— It’ll be another one-bid year for MVC, if Loyola wins Arch Madness.
— Last five years, Loyola is 113-38, 61-16 in conference games.
— Only two of ten MVC teams are ranked in top 100.

Conference USA:
— League hasn’t had an at-large bid since 2011.
— Last eight years, C-USA teams are 6-2 in first round of NCAA’s.
— Louisiana Tech is 15-3, 6-0 in C-USA; they’re experience team #325.
— Home teams are 25-11 SU in C-USA, 2nd-best win% nationally.

Southern Conference
— Since 2003, league is 2-16 in first round of NCAA’s (wins in ’08/’19)
— Steph Curry’s ’08 Davidson team made Elite 8; they were in SoCon then.
— Chattanooga/Wofford are only top 100 teams right now.
— League looks to be wide-open this year; conference tourney should be great. 

Author: Armadillo Sports

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