Saturday’s Den: Happy New Year, everyone…….

13) Alabama 27, Cincinnati 6:
— Alabama had 8 of the top 38 picks in last year’s NFL Draft, but here they are again, playing for the national title. Nick Saban is the best college coach ever.
— Total yardage: Alabama 482, Cincinnati 218
— Yards rushing: 301-74. Not a fun game to watch. 

12) Georgia 34, Michigan 11:
— SEC started 0-5 in bowl games, but now it is Georgia-Alabama for the national title.
— Dawgs outgained Michigan, 521-328
— Georgia converted 10-16 third down plays. 

11) Wake Forest 38, Rutgers 10:
— Wake Forest is smallest school in country with a Power 5 football team.
— Last six years, Demon Deacons are 45-30 SU.
— How come no one talks about Dave Clawson for bigger $$$ jobs?

Whats the deal with starting bowl games at 11am? That means the pregame meals are at 7am, which isn’t normal. No game should start before noon, local time. 

10) Central Michigan 24, Washington State 21:
— Pac-12 teams are 0-4 in bowl games this season, 4-9 ATS in last 13 bowls.
— Good TV exposure on CBS for the MAC’s Chippewas.
— It rained at the Sun Bowl, which pretty much sums up the last two years. 

9) Purdue 48, Tennessee 45 OT:
— Fantastic game, probably best bowl this year, maybe best game all season.
— In a 3:23 span of 4th quarter, each team scored 14 points.
— Total yardage: Tennessee 666, Purdue 627
— Vols had 14 penalties for 128 yards. 

8) Purdue QB Aidan O’Connell turned down offers to play D-III college football and walked on at Purdue; in 2017, he was the 8th-string (out of nine) QB- he played WR on the scout team.

At the start of the 2019 season, he was still only the 4th-string QB, but he didn’t transfer, he hung in there, and this year he threw for 3,712 yards, 28 TD’s. Good for him.

Reading Twitter during the 4th quarter/OT of this game was fun; everyone was watching it. Troy Aikman even tweeted about it. Purdue won the game, but both teams won, in terms of exposure and how recruits view their program. 

7) Wisconsin 20, Arizona State 13:
— Badgers killed off last 9:57 of this game with a 19-play, 90-yard drive.
— Wisconsin threw only 15 passes, but averaged 9.1 yards/attempt.

6) South Carolina 38, North Carolina 21:
— Gamecocks had TD passes of 69-66 yards in first 7:15 of this game.
— Total yardage: 543-333, South Carolina.
— UNC began season as a top 10 team; they finish season 6-7. 

5) Am reading a book written by Chris Andrews, who runs the sportsbook at SouthPoint Casino in Las Vegas; two years ago, when 49ers-Chiefs played in Super Bowl, when SouthPoint posted the props for the game, not the spread but the props, they took $150,000 in action in the first 25 minutes after they were posted. People love prop bets. 

4) Was watching the East Tennessee-Chattanooga basketball game Thursday night; it was weird, the voice on the game was a split-second ahead of the picture. Announcer would say a shot was good, before it went thru the hoop on the screen. 

3) RIP Betty White, who passed away Friday at age 99, three weeks before her 100th birthday. 

Betty White had a great career; she danced on a TV show in Los Angeles in freakin’ 1939!!! In the 70’s, she was a co-star on the Mary Tyler Moore show. She was in a bunch of shows after that; she is the oldest person ever to host Saturday Night Live.

Betty White was funny as hell when women on TV weren’t expected to be funny; in real life, she was married to game show host Allen Ludden, who hosted Password. She was actually in the Odd Couple episode where Felix/Oscar are on Password; they lost to Betty and her partner.

RIP ma’am. 

2) Rams’ WR Cooper Kupp played I-AA football at Eastern Washington; he comes from a football background; his dad was a QB who was drafted by the Giants in the 5th round of the 1990 Draft- he got into one NFL game, going 3-7 for 23 yards for the Cardinals in a 1991 game. 

Kupp’s grandfather played 11 years as a lineman in the NFL, for the Saints/Cowboys.

1) I hope all of you have a Happy New Year; 2021 was better than 2020 (it didn’t take much); hopefully 2022 will be a lot better than both those years. Thanks for reading. 

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