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13) NFL preseason games aren’t usually all that interesting, but Josh Allen isn’t playing for the Bills in Chicago Saturday afternoon, so Mitch Trubisky will play QB for Buffalo. Last four years, Trubisky was 29-21 as Chicago’s starting QB. The reunion could be interesting. 

12) LA Dodgers do a hell of a job in player development:
— Max Muncy had .611 OPS in 96 games with the A’s.
Last four years, Muncy has a .909 OPS with the Dodgers. 

— Justin Turner had a .696 OPS in four years with the Mets.
Last eight years, Turner has an .885 OPS for Los Angeles.

11) Braves 3, Orioles 0:
— Max Fried threw a 90-pitch complete game for his 4th straight win.
— Atlanta has won its last 11 road games.
— Orioles lost their 16th straight game, all by 2+ runs.

10) Seattle Mariners are 26-14 in one-run games this year, which is really good.

9) Phillies 4, Padres 3:
— San Diego has lost 8 of its last 9 games.
— Machado and two coaches were tossed in 8th inning for arguing balls/strikes.
— Reds and San Diego are now tied for 2nd Wild Card slot.

8) Dodgers 3, Mets 2
— Mets lost 7 of last 8 games- they scored 21 runs in last seven games.
— Mets trail Reds/San Diego by six games in Wild Card race.

7) Atlanta Braves signed C Travis d’Arnaud to a 2-year, $16M contract extension.

6) Good news for Milwaukee Bucks’ fans; their star player Giannis Antetokounmpo bought a small stake in baseball’s Milwaukee Brewers, a signal that he’ll be staying in Wisconsin for a while. Bucks also signed his brother Thanasis to a 2-year contract.

5) In 1992, Dallas Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy was the WR’s coach for the Pitt Panthers, not exactly a lucrative job. He also worked late at night as a toll collector on Pennsylvania Turnpike, and would study the Pitt playbook when there wasn’t any traffic.

4) Saw clips on Twitter Friday night; they’re already playing high school football in Tennessee. Must be nice and cool at those games.

3) Last five years, golfer Tony Finau has finished in the top 10 of 39 tournaments, but hasn’t won any of them. 39 top 10’s still adds up to a lot of money.

2) Few weeks ago, they announced that two people would host Jeopardy!, taking over for the later Alex Trebek; one of those people bowed out Friday, after word came out that the guy had previously made offensive statements.

What happens if they offer the job to Aaron Rodgers and he accepts it? Rodgers auditioned for the job earlier this year.

1) There was a story on the Interweb about the great actor Jack Nicholson, who is a huge Lakers fan. Back in the early 70’s he was filming the movie Chinatown, but when he was supposed to film one of his scenes, the Lakers were involved in a double overtime game.

Someone told director Roman Polanski that Nicholson wouldn’t come out of his trailer until the basketball game was over. “The game is in double overtime” Polanski was told.

“What the bleep in double overtime?” replied Polanski, obviously not a basketball fan.

Trivia: John Hillerman was also in Chinatown; he is best known for playing Higgins in Magnum PI

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