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13) RIP to the great Hank Aaron, who passed away at age 86; despite hitting 755 home runs and knocking in 2,297 runs (most ever) he is probably still the most underrated player ever. 

— If you took away his 755 homers, Aaron still had 3,016 other hits.
— Aaron and Willie Mays were teammates in 22 All-Star games.
— Aaron hit 755 homers, despite never hitting more than 47 in one season.

12) Including postseason games, Hank Aaron ht 72 home runs off of Hall of Fame pitchers; no one else has more than 62 (Willie Stargell).

11) When Aaron hit 715th homer on April 8, 1974; a Braves’ reliever named Tom House caught the ball in the bullpen. House pitched in the majors for eight years, won 29 games, saved 33 more. 46 years later, he is still prominent in the world of sports. 

House is considered by many to be the “father of modern throwing mechanics.” Not only does he help baseball players, NFL quarterbacks work with him on their throwing motions.

10) When his time came to be elected to the Hall of Fame, nine writers didn’t vote for Aaron, which is pretty amazing.

9) Hank Aaron won the NL MVP two years before I was born; when I was 12 years old, he led the National League in slugging %age and OPS. What a great player he was. RIP, sir. 

8) Houston Texans raised some eyebrows when they interviewed 41-year old QB Josh McCown for their head coaching position; McCown was on the Eagles’/Texans’ practice squad this year; he appeared in three games for Philly in 2019.

Last time an NFL player became a head coach as soon as he retired was 1961, when Norm Van Brocklin became coach of the expansion Vikings, the year he led the Eagles to an NFL title.

7) If the Texans ever hired an active player as their head coach, Deshaun Watson’s head might blow off; he’s already mad as hell the team isn’t consulting him about who they hire. 

5) Was watching South Carolina-Missouri basketball the other night; was concerned when I saw this guy with a shaved head coaching South Carolina, assuming that Frank Martin was still under the weather from COVID, which he’s had twice. I was hoping he would feel better soon.

Few minutes later, I realized, that is Frank Martin!!! He looked 100% different with a shaved head, another unusual aspect of this pandemic. Just glad that he feels well enough to coach. 

4) TV play-by-play guy Rich Waltz was working a hoop game from UNLV the other night; some major league baseball team would do their fans a big favor if they hired Waltz as their play-by-play guy, he is very good. He worked for the Marlins for several years. 

3) Disappointing TV news; NBC Sports Network is shutting down at the end of this year, with USA Network picking up lot of their NHL/NASCAR broadcasts. Starting next year, NBC’s new streaming service Peacock will also carry some of the NBC Sports programming. 

2) Baseball stuff:
— Red Sox signed IF/OF Kiké Hernandez to a 2-year, $14M deal; he is a career .240 hitter in seven big league seasons, but he can play all over the field.
— Padres retain Jurickson Profar for three years, $21M
— Ryan Zimmerman re-signs with Washington for one year, $1M
— Miami Marlins signed reliever Anthony Bass for two years, unknown $$$. 

1) Nuggets 130, Suns 126 OT:
— Suns were up by 14 at halftime.
— Jokic had 31 points, 10 rebounds, 8 assists.
— Nuggets’ subs were a combined +30.
— Suns’ star Booker didn’t play last couple minutes; he either hit his minutes limit (they play again tonight) or he got banged up in a scramble for a loose ball. 

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