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13) June 4, 2016, the White Sox acquired pitcher James Shields from San Diego; he went 16-35, 5.31 in 76 dismal starts for Chicago, after having been 114-90 up to that point in his career. 

What makes it (a lot) more disturbing is who the White Sox gave up to get Shields; P Erik Johnson and a young outfielder, Fernando Tatis Jr.


12) I enjoy fantasy baseball, but it can be freakin’ baffling, especially if you have a pitcher from the Tampa Bay Rays on your team.

Josh Fleming is on my team, and I have zero idea, none, how they decide when to take him out of games:
— April 19, they took him out when he was throwing a 1-hitter in 6th inning (65 PT)
— May 16, they took him out when he was throwing a 1-hitter after 5 innings (53 PT)

Why do you take guys out when they’re on a roll?

Then last night in Texas, they leave him in to throw 100 pitches when he was giving up a lot of hits- he gave up five runs on 10 hits in seven IP. Yarbrough had thrown a complete game the day before, so their bullpen was fresh. No idea how they do things, not that they care what I think.

11) Only one major league pitcher has ever thrown a no-hitter on his birthday; George Mullin threw a no-hitter for Detroit on his 32nd birthday, way back in 1912.

10) So far this season, American League teams are 59-50 vs their NL rivals.

9) There have been 11 times where a player hit a walk-off homer in consecutive games; last time it happened was 2011, when Albert Pujols did it.

8) Clippers 104, Mavericks 97 (series 3-3):
— Kawhi Leonard scored 45 for the Clippers.
— Road team won all six series games.
— Clippers outscored Dallas 31-20 in 4th quarter.

This is the 9th series in Dallas history where they led 3-2 in games; they won the first eight series. We’ll see how they do in Game 7 Sunday.

7) Wish the NBA playoffs was all best-of-3 series until the Finals, which could be best-of-5; just think it would be more interesting if there was a better chance of an upset. 

Understood that money rules, so the more games the better, but the shorter series would make it more like March Madness, and would likely increase TV ratings.

6) Portland Trailblazers fired coach Terry Stotts after nine years; he went 402-318 in the regular season, but 22-40 in playoffs- his Blazers made the playoffs the last eight seasons.

5) Royals 14, Twins 5— Kansas City led 13-2 in the 2nd inning. No bueno. Royals are quietly 29-26, only two games out of the 2nd Wild Card slot in the American League.

4) Padres 2, Mets 0:
— Blake Snell took a no-hitter into the 7th inning.
— San Diego has won its last 12 home games.

3) They’re going to bring the USFL back? Seriously? Back in the 80’s, the USFL was a good spring football league with some legit stars- Jim Kelly, Steve Young, Herschel Walker. It was good football, but  off-field issues sabotaged the league.

Now they’re talking about a re-boot in 2022; the XFL is also supposed to be starting up again next year. Sounds like a busy spring/summer next year.

2) There are 43 bowl games scheduled in college football this fall; this week, I found a printout of spreads from the 1981 bowls- there were 15 bowls back then.

1) Mike Zimmer has been head coach of the Minnesota Vikings for seven years; he is the longest tenured coach in the NFL right now, who hasn’t been to the Super Bowl. He is 64-47-1 in regular season games, only 2-3 in playoff games.

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