Saturday’s Den: Clearing out a cluttered mind……..

13) USA 87, France 82:
— Americans win gold medal for 4th Olympics in a row.
— France was 18-29 on foul line, which hurt some.
— USA was +9 in turnovers; Durant scored 29 for the champs. 

12)  Angels 4, Dodgers 3 (10):
— Amazingly, Dodgers are now 1-12 in extra innings.
— Angels have used 7 different starting pitchers the last seven days.

11) Buffalo Bills signed QB Josh Allen to an eye-opening, 6-year, $43M a year contract, the 2nd-biggest contract in the league, behind Patrick Mahomes. 

Bills are 23-9 the last two years, first time in last 20 years they’ve had consecutive winning years, and Allen is a huge reason why, so now he gets paid.

10) Funny that Allen and Aaron Rodgers are two of the best QB’s in the NFL, but neither one had scholarship offer coming out of college— both played JC ball before they played in D-I. 

Go figure.

9) If you wager on preseason NFL games, keep in mind that the Rams’ QB room is in disarray right now. Matthew Stafford banged his thumb on a helmet this week, has been sitting out of practice mostly and then backup John Wolford had an emergency appendectomy Friday, and will be out for a few weeks. 

No way Stafford is going to play much in preseason; Devlin Hodges and Bryce Perkins will be under center in exhibition games. Something to think about. Wolford should be ready for the season opener, if needed, but he won’t be taking any hits between now and then.

8) Oakland A’s got very bad news Friday; RF Ramon Laureano is out for the rest of this year and part of next year, after getting an 80-game PED suspension.

7) San Diego Padres are 1-7 in their last eight games, where they game-winning run scored in the last three innings. Cincinnati is creeping up on them in the Wild Card race.

6) Trevor Bauer’s leave was extended until August 13, but it is leave and not a suspension, so he is still getting paid, and he makes huge money ($28M a year).

5) Giants trailed 4-0 in ninth inning at Arizona Thursday; they tied it in the 9th, won it in the 10th, ending a streak where they had lost 800 games in a row (yes, 800) when they trailed by 4+ runs in 9th inning. Last time they won a game like this one? 1993.

4) So far this season, relievers have pitched 41.8% of innings in the big leagues, up from 32.5% in the 90’s.

Only 14.9% of starting pitchers have thrown 100+ pitches in games this season, as recently as 2010, roughly half the starting pitchers threw 100+ pitchers in their starts.

3) The average NFL team is now worth $3.5B, that’s billion, with a B.

2) Four weeks from today is the first big Saturday for college football; summer is flying by, which means it has been fun, but damn, wish winter went by as fast as summer does.

1) I’ve been an A’s fan since I was 5 years old; remember fondly Oakland winning three World Series in a row, from 1972-74— Ray Fosse was the catcher in ’73-’74 and has been their TV analyst for the last 35 years. His calm demeanor has helped keep me sane during tense games late at night more times than I’d like to remember.

This week, Ray Fosse stepped away from broadcasting so he could deal with the cancer he’s been battling for the last 16 years. I had no idea; he’s a tough guy, man. The outpouring of love and support from A’s fans and Bay Area media has been overwhelming. The man is loved.

All I can say is this: get well soon, Ray Fosse. Kick cancer’s butt; we miss you and are rooting like hell for you. 

Author: Armadillo Sports

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