Saturday’s Den: Clearing out a cluttered mind…….

13) NCAA Tournament, like everything else for the last year or so, promises to be a bit bizarre; right now, Michigan/Baylor would both be #1 seeds in the Field of 68, but both teams are on pause, because of COVID.

In my mind, teams like that will need to play some games before the tournament, so their players can get their legs back. Teams on pause usually don’t practice, sometimes the players aren’t even allowed to go outside and jog, or shoot hoops.

12) Houston Texans released JJ Watt, who has been a great player and is an iconic figure in the Houston area— he raised $41.6M for victims of Hurricane Harvey a few years ago.

The thing is, Watt will be 32 in March; he doesn’t want to go thru a rebuilding program, and if any team is going thru a rebuild, it is the Texans. He requested the release and he got it.

11) Illinois 77, Nebraska 72 OT— Illini was favored by 15 points in Lincoln; they needed five extra minutes to put away the gritty Cornhuskers.

10) Iona 85, Manhattan 67— Rick Pitino’s Gaels are 6-3; this was their first game in 51 days.

9) Robert Morris 88, Oakland 82 OT— Colonials’ last four home games have gone into overtime; this was the first one of those they won.

8) Utah 129, Milwaukee 115— Jazz won five in row, 15 of last 16 games; they’re 14-1-1 ATS in those 16 games.

7) Lakers 115, Memphis 105— Lakers were down 22-2, but they still won/covered. LA won its last seven games. Lebron James played 34 minutes, down some from their last few games. 

6) Texas State’s football team offered over 100 kids scholarships this year, but none of them accepted. That is zero out of 100, very unsuccessful recruiting.

Texas State has instead brought in 11 transfer students, who will try and improve the fortunes of Bobcat football. They need to do better at recruiting next year.

5) Guy on the Interweb posted a picture of a room in his house, where he had his sneaker collection spread out on the floor. 85-90 pairs of Air Jordans; thats an expensive collection, and a very cool one.

4) Thing I learned from listening to Bill Walton on TV: Arizona is the 6th biggest state in the country, roughly the same size as Italy.

3) Oregon basketball coach Dana Altman has won Coach of the Year in four different leagues.

2) I’ve had two eye operations in the last 16 months, then I saw the Miami Heat’s new uniforms last week and thought my eye fell apart again. Pink on the left side, blue on the right, ugly on both sides. First I checked my eyes, then the TV; they’re all fine. The uniforms are terrible.

1) There is a United States Senator from Rhode Island named Sheldon Whitehouse; this guy has to run for President someday, yes? I don’t even know what party he is in, but if your last name is Whitehouse, he needs to seriously consider running for President. 

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