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13) If you like NBA basketball, I highly recommend going to the NBA Summer League, which this year will be July 7-17 in Las Vegas. Lot of reasons why:

— It is always good to be in Las Vegas
— For $30 or so, you can watch great basketball for 7-8 eight hours straight.
— July in Las Vegas and you’re in air conditioning all day. Good concession stands, too.
— Famous people are all over the place; few years ago, I’m walking to the concession stand and Jerry West is in a group of people walking the other way. Talked to Walt Frazier once, met Stan Kroenke, owner of the Nuggets/Rams. 

Lot of active NBA players are there; just a good place to watch competitive basketball.

Every kid who has goals of playing pro ball should watch the summer league on TV for a while, then go outside and work on his game, because you have to be freakin’ great to make it to the NBA. 

12) Atlanta Braves turned a profit of $104M last year, and that was with attendance limitations early in the season. Kind of hard for the baseball owners to cry poor when it comes out that a team is making a nine-figure profit. 

11) Minimum salaries in the four major sports:
— NBA $925,258
— NHL $750,000
— NFL $660,000
— MLB $570,500

Baseball owners need to jack that figure up to $700,000 or $750,000. 

10) Odd Stat of the Day: In the Super Bowl era (56 years) only one NFL QB has started 50+ games, without ever throwing a pick-6.

Don’t bother guessing; you would never, ever get it. He is still active; I’ll put the answer down lower in this space. 

9) Last year, only four pitchers threw 200+ innings; in 2019, there were 14, the year before that, 13, so will be curious to see this year how many guys log 200+ IP.

8) Wisconsin Badgers have won their last 13 games that were decided by 6 or less points, the longest-such streak in the last 35 years, when the 3-point arc was put in. 

7) Princeton 74, Harvard 67:
— There were only three fouls called in first half of this game.
— Princeton made 14-30 on arc; they’re tied with Yale for first place in ivy. 

6) Iona 72, Canisius 65:
— Rick Pitino’s Gaels are 15-2 in the MAAC. 

5) Texas State 66, Troy 61:
— Bobcats won nine in row, are top seed in the Sun Belt tourney next week.
— Caleb Asberry was 6-6 behind the arc, scored 26 points for 21-6 Texas State. 

4) Richmond 68, Saint Louis 66:
— These teams are tied for fifth in A-14.
— Looks like A-14 is a one-big league; their conference tournament should be fun. 

3) Spurs 157, Wizards 153, 2OT:
— Imagine scoring 153 points and losing?
— Keldon Johnson was +16 in 46:00, which means in the 12:00 he sat out, San Antonio was outscored by 12 points. 

2) Kansas City Chiefs named former Bears’ coach Matt Nagy their new QB coach, which is a good gig, coaching Patrick Mahomes.

Mitch Trubisky is the only NFL QB in the last 56 years that has started 50+ games, without ever throwing a pick-6.

1) Tampa Bay Buccaneers will play a home game in Germany next fall, as the NFL tries once again to squeeze more money out of their schedule. 9:30 Sunday morning kickoffs aren’t a lot of fun. Imaging being in Las Vegas? 6:30am kickoffs are even worse.

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