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13) They were debating on FS1 Friday whether Russell Martin needs an NFL MVP award to be considered an all-time great QB. Let me say this…….

I’m an avid Rams’ fan, so I’ve been rooting against Russell Wilson his entire NFL career. Believe me when I say this: Wilson may not own an MVP trophy, but HE IS AN ELITE QB, one of the best ever. Reminds me a lot of facing Joe Montana, which means I can’t stand the guy. 🙂

12) Why I’m queasy about traveling to Las Vegas in the foreseeable future; this week, a brawl broke out on an American Airlines flight from Las Vegas to Charlotte— two women were going at it. What started out as an argument about seating became an argument about masks, and that led to fisticuffs.

The video is available on Twitter; people are overly tense in these trying times, so things get overheated more quickly. Hopefully 2021 will be better for all of us.

11) Prayers, best wishes to Washington Redskins coach Ron Rivera, who was diagnosed with lymph node cancer- apparently they caught it early and his prognosis is good.

10) Subway Series got postponed this weekend, because of Mets’ problems with COVID. Bronx has half their team on the injured list, so good timing for them.

9) In their first 19 games, Miami Marlins started eight different right fielders.

8) 1979-80 was the NBA’s first season with the 3-point shot; in their 16 playoff games that year, the champion Lakers tried 18 3-pointers. Total.

Friday against Toronto, the Nets were 16-51 behind the arc. In one game.

7) Why would someone pay $500,000 to get their kid into USC?
— It is illegal to do that.
— Is USC that great a college?
— Once they got into USC, are the parents paying off the professors to pass their kids?
— Why not spend some of that money on tutors so your kid can earn their way into a college?

6) Red Sox are 2-13 in games not started by Nathan Eovaldi/Martin Perez.

NBA playoff games (all Game 3’s):
5) Toronto 117, Brooklyn 92 (Raptors lead 3-0)
— Bad news for the Nets; they lost by 25.
— Good news for the Nets: they can go home Sunday, after they get swept.

4) Utah 124, Denver 97 (Jazz leads 2-1):
— This was the first time in 11 games in the bubble that a Denver game stayed under the total.
  Gobert/Conley combined to make 20-28 shots from the floor.
— Utah made 18-37 behind the arc.

3) Boston 102, Philadelphia 94 (Celtics lead 3-0):
— Celtics’ bench outscored Philly’s bench 20-9.
— Teams combined to make only 17-70 behind the arc.
— Harris/Embiid combined to make 13-39 shots from the floor.

2) Clippers 130, Dallas 122 (LA leads 2-1)
— Luka Doncic sprained his left ankle, very big blow for Dallas.
— Kawhi Leonard scored 36 points; grabbed 9 rebounds, had 8 assists.

1) If the baseball playoffs started today (they do not):
AL East- New York, Tampa Bay
AL Central- Minnesota, Cleveland
AL West- Oakland, Houston
AL Wild Cards- Toronto, Chicago

NL East- Miami, Atlanta
NL Central- Chicago, St Louis
NL West- Los Angeles, San Diego
NL Wild Cards- Colorado, Arizona 

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