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13) If you read this site much, you know I’m a big Oakland A’s fan; tough week this week, with Bob Melvin leaving Oakland to become manager of the San Diego Padres.

Melvin grew up in the Bay Area, was an A’s fan growing up. He managed the A’s for 11 years, making the playoffs six times, while working for cheapskate owners who don’t give a rat’s ass about winning games. Melvin is an excellent manager; other than Dick Williams, he’s the best manager the Oakland A’s have ever had.

Melvin’s record with the A’s: 860-777. He will be missed.

12) Does Melvin leaving Oakland signal that the A’s will also leave Oakland? Fair question. 

11) Braves 2, Astros 0:
— Anderson threw five no-hit IP to get the win.
— d’Arnaud homered for insurance run in 8th inning.
— Braves lead World Series, 2-1

10) Navy 20, Tulsa 17:
— Middies (+11) ran ball for 302 yards, didn’t complete a pass (0-4).
— Navy has a good kicker; he made a 46-yard FG.
— Game was 3-3 at halftime.

9) Heard a guy say once, “Handicapping early season NBA games is really hard. The bad teams haven’t realized yet that they’re bad.”

8) Nebraska has lost 17 football games by 8 or fewer points since Scott Frost has been their coach, more than any other team in the country during that time. Cornhuskers are 3-5 this year; this would be their fifth losing season in a row.

7) NFL notes:
— Browns’ QB Baker Mayfield is starting against Pittsburgh Sunday.
— Spread in Dallas-Minnesota game swung 5.5 points since Thursday, leading to speculation that Dak Prescott (calf) may sit out Sunday night’s game.
— Green Bay TE Robert Tonyan tore his ACL, is out for the year.

6) Back in July, the Cleveland Indians announced that they’ll be called the Guardians starting next season; Wednesday, a Cleveland-based roller derby team, also named the Cleveland Guardians, sued the Indians’ franchise in federal court in an effort to block their use of the name.

Once again, no matter what happen$, the lawyer$ will be the real winner$$$$.

5) Someone has to clue me in as to what Crypto currency is; I’m watching TV the other night and Matt Damon is doing a commercial. You know it is big if they hired Matt Damon to do their ad work for them.

My laptop tells me that Crypto is a digital currency that can be used to buy goods and services, but uses an online ledger with strong cryptography to secure online transactions, which sounds like a foreign language to me. I have a hard enough time with regular money.

4) If you’ve never seen a pro hockey game in person, I highly endorse it; to me, it is the one sport that loses the most from in-person to television. So much more to see in person; I like to watch the officials, what great skaters they are.

3) Former NBA Vince Carter holds an unusual record; he had 261 different teammates during his 22-year career, more teammates than anyone else in NBA history. Think I heard that Ish Smith has had 211 teammates; he is the active player that is closest to Carter’s record.

2) NFL commish Roger Goodell banked roughly $128M the last two years, running the most popular sports league in this country.

1) Green Bay 24, Arizona 21
— Packers picked off pass in end zone with o:12 left to preserve win.
— Packers have been positive in turnovers last seven games (+11)
— Green Bay ran ball for 151 yards (4.4/carry)
— Green Bay won last seven games (5-1-1 ATS), scoring 27.0 ppg.

— Plays run in first half: Packers 42, Cardinals 17.
— Arizona still leads NFC West, at 7-1.
— Under Kingsbury, Arizona is 4-7 ATS as a home favorites.
— NFC West non-divisional home favorites are 2-6 ATS.

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