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13) At the beginning of Bull Durham, Susan Sarandon is talking:

“…….Sometimes it seems like a bad trade. But bad trades are part of baseball – now who can forget Frank Robinson for Milt Pappas, for God’s sake?”

Someone mentioned Milt Pappas on TV the other day, so I looked up his career— this guy is getting a bad rap.

— 17 years in the major leagues, won 209 games.
— pitched in three All-Star games
— was 45-25 the three years before the trade, 110-74 for his career at that time.

Now there’s no question it was an uneven trade, but not because Pappas was bad— guy had a damn good career. He threw a no-hitter for the Cubs in 1972. 

12) The other side of the coin is this; how on God’s green earth did the Reds trade Frank Robinson, for anyone? The year before they traded him, Robinson scored 109 runs, knocked in 113 more, and he was only 29 at the time. Why would they trade him?

Orioles won the World Series in 1966, the year after the trade, then played in the Series three years in a row, fro, 1969-71; their pitching rotation was stacked, with Palmer-McNally-Cuellar, Pat Dobson. Adding a great hitter made them a great team.

So call it a bad trade, but don’t blame Milt Pappas.

11) Giancarlo Stanton makes $29M a year, which works out to $179,012 per game; when he donated one of his game checks to the Players’ Alliance, that was a hefty donation.

10) I’m genuinely curious about this; how many major league managers actually decide who plays every day, and how many front offices decide that for them? Are off days for “rest” scripted in advance by the front office?

I mean, Stanton makes $29M a year to DH; there is no way he should he ever get a day off, unless they want to let Aaron Judge DH. Stanton could actually play the outfield, too. The way teams coddle these guys borders on the ridiculous.

9) Let’s take a look at another pitcher’s career, the White Sox’ Wilbur Wood:
— Wood was a lefty knuckleball pitcher.
— He was in the majors for nine years before he became a starter.
— From 1971-75, Wood started an incredible 224 games, that 44.8 starts/year.
— He once started both ends of a doubleheader.
— In 1972-73, he threw an incredible 736 innings.
— In 1973, he went 24-20 in 48 starts.
— He threw 114 complete games in his career.

8) Twins’ OF Max Kepler was born in Germany; his parents were both big-time ballet dancers. His mom is from Texas, his dad from Poland.

7) Dodgers’ OF Cody Bellinger has a hairline fracture of his fibula, is out for an undetermined amount of time.

6) Mets got rained out Thursday, snowed out Friday, will now play a doubleheader in Denver on Saturday; Mets have played only eight games, Braves have played 14, Phillies 13.

5) One of the great quotes I ever heard, from a coach to his team, after the second game of the season, in the coach’s first year in that job:

“Well, it didn’t take long for the rats to start jumping off the ship”

4) Was thinking the other day about the first time I heard that ESPN was going on the air; I was in college, someone told me an all-sports TV station was starting. I was intrigued.

In the early days, ESPN showed lot of Australian Rules Football, a ton of college basketball; they should go back to showing Aussie football. Their poker telecasts later on were also really good, way better than they babbling talking heads they have on now during weekday afternoons.

They should also have a nightly baseball show; why do they not have one?

3) Dwayne Wade is joining the ownership group of the Utah Jazz, which is the youngest ownership group in the NBA. Utah’s new owner is technology entrepreneur Ryan Smith- he bought the team late last year.

Wade played 16 years in the NBA, retiring two years ago.

2) Alabama’s football team has a pretty big recruiting edge; they’ve got three former NFL head coaches on their coaching staff. Not just Nick Saban, but Doug Marrone, Bill O’Brien, too.

1) RIP to the actor Felix Silla 84, who passed away this week; you’ve probably never heard of him, but he played Cousin Itt in the 60’s comedy The Addams Family, as well as other shows. 

In 1980, I had my wisdom teeth removed, and they made me stay overnight in the hospital; the guy in the next bed was watching Buck Rogers in the 25th Century with his mother. When they ran the credits to the show and I saw that Felix Silla was the robot in the show, I got all excited— “Hey, that was Cousin Itt!!!” 

The guy’s mom gave me a very strange look. Go figure.

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