Saturday’s Den: A small sampling of Super Bowl prop bets…….

You can bet on almost anything that goes on in the Super Bowl; here is a small sampling of some of the prop bets that have been posted.
Odds are from the Westgate SuperBook in Las Vegas

— First-half line, total
Eagles, minus 0.5 points, total 24.5

— Will either team score three straight times?
Yes -180
No +160

— Will either team score in first 6:30 of the game?
Yes even
No -120

— Will either team score in last 3:30 of the game? (Includes OT)
Yes -170
No +150

— Will there be a missed extra point kick?
Yes +350
No -420

— QB sacks for both teams:
Over 5.5 +105
Under 5.5 -125

— Will Chiefs convert their first 3rd down attempt?
Yes +125
No -145

— Longest touchdown of the game:
Over/under 40.5 yards

— Will both teams lead in 4th quarter?
Yes +270
No -330

— Total field goals made in game:
over 3.5 +140
under 3.5 -160

— First field made in game:
over/under 37.5 yards

— Longest field made in game:
over/under 47.5 yards

— Distance of first touchdown of the game:
Over/under 7.5 yards

— Will game be decided by exactly 3 points?
yes +450
no -600

— Props for passing yards:
Jalen Hurts 242.5
Patrick Mahomes 289.5

— Props for completions:
Jalen Hurts 21.5
Patrick Mahomes 29.5

— Will a TD be scored by defense or special teams?
yes +270
no -330

— Largest lead of game, for either team:
over 14.5 yards +120
under 14.5 yards -140

Author: Armadillo Sports

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