Thursday’s Den: Playoff trends for NFL teams

13) Cowboys— Lost their last eight road playoff games; last time they won a road playoff game? 1992. 

12) Bengals— Haven’t made playoffs since 2015; their last playoff win was in 1990.

11) Broncos:
— John Elway was 13-6 in playoff games
— Peyton Manning was 5-3 in playoff games as a Bronco.
— Every other Denver QB: 4-9 in playoff games

10) Ravens— Lamar Jackson is 1-3 in playoff games; Ravens scored 13 ppg in those games.

9) Chiefs— From 1994-2014, Chiefs were 0-7 in playoff games; last six years, they’re 7-5.

8) Packers— Last five times they made playoffs, they won their first playoff game.

7) Cardinals— Since 1998, Arizona is 6-5 in playoff games, 4-0 at home; their last two playoff wins both came in overtime. 

6) Bills— Last year was first time Buffalo won a playoff game since 1995.

5) Raiders— Lost Super Bowl to Jon Gruden/Tampa Bay in 2002, have played in one playoff game since, losing 27-14 at home to Houston five years ago.

4) Lions— Lost their last nine playoff games; their last playoff win? 1991. Detroit’s last home playoff game was in 1993.

3) Jaguars— They’re 7-7 all-time in playoff games, but made postseason only one time since 2007.

2) Texans— 4-2 at home, 0-4 on road in playoff games.

1) Bears— Haven’t won a playoff game since 2010; last time they played a road playoff game? 1994. Since then, they played seven home playoff games and a Super Bowl (neutral field). 

Author: Armadillo Sports

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