Notes from the NBA Draft.

I accidentally deleted Tuesday/Wednesday’s articles; whoops. Too bad, they were beautifully written (kidding) so I’m doing a 2nd Thursday list, thoughts on last night’s NBA Draft. 

— Tyler Herro was really good for Miami Heat last year, but he was only the 13th player taken in last year’s draft. How hard will players work from this point on?

— Rece Davis hosted the telecast; he is, by far, the best host ESPN has. Davis is mostly a football guy, but he is like a great point guard— he sets up his teammates very well. Thats the job.

— Golden State’s Klay Thompson hurt his lower right leg in a pickup game Wednesday, he hurt his left leg last year. No word yet on the severity; he is getting an MRI Thursday morning, but from what people on TV are saying as I type this, it might be another severe injury.

— Minnesota took Georgia’s Anthony Edwards with the #1 pick; when a kid says “To be honest, I can’t watch basketball. I’m still not really into it. I love basketball, yeah, it’s what I do”, I wonder if he’ll love the gym enough to do the work to become great.

Being great doesn’t just happen; it takes hours and hours in gyms, working your butt off on skills, agility, strength. If you’re the #1 pick in a draft, the expectations are that you’ll become a great player. We’ll see what happens.

— From 2020-26, Oklahoma City has 26 draft picks, as they rebuild their roster.

— I feel old; Orlando took North Carolina PG Cole Anthony, whose dad Greg was the point guard on the great UNLV teams 30 years ago.

— Dallas Mavericks took Arizona’s Josh Green, who grew up in Australia until his family moved to Phoenix six years ago.

Green is tough; how do I know this? He was also an excellent Aussie Rules Football player, and you have to be really tough to play that sport— he was in the Sydney Swans developmental academy until the family moved.

— People wager on the NBA Draft, not a big surprise I guess, but the total of 4.5 freshmen being taken in the first 10 picks went over easily.

— 76ers coach Doc Rivers traded for his son-in-law, acquiring Seth Curry in a deal with Dallas.

— Knicks hit it big, in my opinion, getting Dayton’s Obi Toppin with the 8th pick.

— In the last three drafts, Villanova has had four kids taken in the first round of the draft, two others in the second round. Has to be good for recruiting.

— Florida State had two players taken in the first 11 picks Wednesday.

— Charlotte took LaMelo Ball with the third pick; mercifully, his father wasn’t interviewed. LaVar Ball once said he could take Michael Jordan 1-on-1; with his son now a Hornet, maybe they can have a game for charity.

— Sacramento took Kenyon Martin Jr in the 2nd round; the kid didn’t play college ball, so he is a developmental player with excellent bloodlines. Tremendous athlete, they say.

— Brooklyn Nets will be a fascinating team this winter, with rookie coach Steve Nash coaching a team filled with some talented players who also have very strong personalities.

— After listening to ESPN’s pundits rattle on for four hours, I’m disappointed to report that while I have decent wingspan, my motor isn’t good and I have very little upside. No bueno.

— Disappointed that, unlike the NFL Draft, we didn’t see any homes of coaches/GM’s. Picks went pretty quickly, they put on a good show, but would’ve been nice to see how fancy the homes are where some of these guys live.

— Kind of weird; usually right after the draft, the Summer League happens in Las Vegas, but this is 2020, so right after the draft, training camp will start, with regular season starting Dec 22.

Not lot of time for these kids to get acclimated to their new jobs. 

Author: Armadillo Sports

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