Monday’s List of 13: Wrapping up a sullen Sunday

13) Patriots 13, Rams 3— New England wins its 6th Super Bowl title in a defensive struggle that was reminiscent of Super Bowls from the 70’s. Not a lot of offense. 

12) 18 months ago, if you had told me that the Rams would lose this Super Bowl Sunday night, I would’ve suggested drug testing for you, after I thanked you for trying to cheer me up. 

Sean McVay and GM Les Snead have a done a GREAT job making the Rams a prominent team; this was a disappointing end to a great season. Life goes on. 

11) We live in a country full of frontrunners and know-it-alls; only way to silence the haters is to win all the time. But only one team carries that trophy home; everyone else is a “loser” 

The Super Bowl is so hyped up that it magnifies the stuff that happens. Jared Goff’s job from this point on will be to play well, like he has for the last two years, but then when the Rams get back to the playoffs, he has to win a title, preferably in style. 

The naysayers will be after him from this point on, until he shuts them up.  

10) Sports are interesting because they’re unscripted; you can be a nerd like me and study trends and stats, but you never KNOW whats going to happen until it happens. Total for this game was 56, but it turned out to be the first Super Bowl with no TD’s in the first three quarters. 

Go figure. 

9) There was a 54-51 game this season and people complained about that. No defense. 

Lot of people are complaining a lot about this 13-3 game. No offense. 

There are lot of people who just like to complain. 

8) Turns out I’m way behind on my pop culture knowledge; this guy Adam Levine sings at halftime of the game; he is in one of my favorite movies, Begin Again, where he played a singer, but I had no idea he actually IS a singer. Who knew? (everybody but me, apparently) 

Halftimes are very long at the Super Bowl; wonder how that effects the players. It is almost like playing two separate games. 

7) Do people actually watch commercials? I almost never do, but did a little bit during the Super Bowl because it is useless to turn the channel during the game. Not much else on. 

6) This is what was on the ESPN family of networks at halftime of the game:

ESPN— Boxing
ESPN News— X Games
ESPNU— Women’s gymnastics
ESPN2— World Series of Poker

5) Alex Rodriguez was in a commercial with Mr Peanut? 

4) Someday, people who broadcast football games on TV will realize that plays run is a more important stat than time of possession. Someday.

3) How much do you think it costs to open/close a retractable dome? They opened it during the National Anthem so people could see the flyover, then closed it again; that can’t be cheap. 

2) Was looking thru Joe Lunardi’s Bracketology on; there are still six weeks until Selection Sunday in college basketball, but on Sunday morning, last four teams in field were: Arizona State, Florida, Indiana, Seton Hall.

1) On the bright side, it was over freezing in Albany Sunday and temps will be above freezing most of the week, creeping into the 50’s on Tuesday.

Spring training starts in two weeks. 

Author: Armadillo Sports

I've been involved in sports my whole life, now just write about them. I like to travel, mostly to Las Vegas- they have gambling there.