Monday’s List of 13: Wrapping up a sports weekend……

13) Philadelphia Eagles’ center Travis Kelce played LY with a broken foot, something he called a “torn elbow” (he wore a big brace), and a Grade 2 MCL tear.

Toronto pitcher Aaron Sanchez left Sunday’s game in Oakland with a broken right fingernail on the middle finger of his pitching hand.

12) Jim Kaat and Bert Blyleven discussed pitching all weekend on Twins’ TV; Kaat said Sunday he thinks the strike zone is much tighter now than when he pitched. 

Blyleven mentioned that back when he pitched, umpires weren’t graded on each pitch by MLB and that has changed how the game is called. 

11) Twins hit 11 home runs in their doubleheader sweep of the Orioles Saturday. Hard to believe Baltimore was in the playoffs only three years ago; their team is awful.

Baltimore’s AAA farm team is 7-10, their AA team is 3-13 and got shut out in both ends of a twin bill Saturday, so not sure where the Orioles’ help is going to come from.

10) Indianapolis Colts’ owner Jim Irsay recently spent $718,750 for the piano John Lennon used to write songs for Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

9) They run a commercial on Colorado Rockies games for University of Colorado health services; it shows an older fellow who struggles to get out of his easy chair, then starts to work out- they show pics in his house of him running when he was much younger. 

They show the man’s name; he survived heart failure, and as he recovers, his treadmill workouts get more rigorous, and the commercial ends with him finishing a 2-mile run in a local race. 

The commercial is so well-done and very inspirational; the guy should get a sneaker contract from Nike or adidas, and they should run that commercial during the Super Bowl. 

8) Christian Yelich is first player with 12+ homers in his team’s first 22 games since Alex Rodriguez in 2007. 

7) Baseball injuries:
— Rays’ OF Austin Meadows (thumb) had an MRI.
— Blue Jays put P Matt Shoemaker (knee) on IL; he tore his ACL and is out for the season. 

6) Merrill Kelly threw 109 pitches for Arizona Friday, but he didn’t finish the 4th inning. He got 18 called strikes, had 21 pitches fouled off, gave up six hits on 12 balls in play. 

Funny thing, two of the three runs he gave up came on a harmless looking pop-up to short CF that the wind played games with and no one caught it. 

5) Detroit Pistons have lost 13 consecutive playoff games, tied for longest-ever streak in NBA. 

4) Seattle Mariners have already had five games with 4+ homers this year; all of last season, they had five games with 4+ home runs.

3) Former major league OF Matt Holliday is retired now and lives in Stillwater, OK; he recently had a house built in Stillwater. The guy who built the house is Philly catcher JT Realmuto’s uncle. Small world. 

2) Good grief, the Utah Jazz uniforms are terrible. Like the old purple uniforms with the musical note on them that Pete Maravich wore for the Jazz back in the day.

1) A comedian was elected president of Ukraine; I was going to make a joke about this, but then remembered who the president is here. Having a comedian as president wouldn’t be so bad. 

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