Monday’s List of 13: Wrapping up a sports weekend

13) Arizona 4, St Louis 1— Odd situation in this game; Arizona batter gets called out on strikes, D’Backs manager Tory Lovullo comes out to protect his hitter, but says his two cents and gets tossed for arguing balls/strikes. 

In the meantime, he gestures towards St Louis catcher Yadier Molina, says something about Molina stealing strikes by how he frames pitches and Molina gets really mad and comes after Lovullo— the umpire stepped in between them and Molina shoved the umpire. Benches emptied, and then things quieted down. 

12) When Andrew McCutchen hit his walk-off homer Saturday night, it was on the 12th pitch of the at-bat, his only at-bat of 12+ pitches in 5,861 plate appearances in the major leagues. 

11) Medical trivia: Tommy John surgery is called Tommy John surgery because Tommy John was the first person to have the surgery, in the mid-70’s. 

The second person to have the surgery? Current Astros’ pitching coach Brent Strom. 

10) Saw a list today someone wrote on the Interweb of the 25 most re-watchable movies of all-time; I’ve only seen eight of them. 

Thats what makes the world interesting; different people like different stuff, but how Moneyball wasn’t on that list is beyond me. 

9) Before this week, Patrick Reed had worn a red shirt at all five of his PGA Tour wins; but Reed has an endorsement contract with Nike, and Nike wouldn’t let him wear a red shirt this week— I guess Eldrick Woods must actually own the color red. 

Reed wore a pink shirt Sunday, and he won The Masters anyway. Go figure. 

8) 76ers have won their last 14 games, the longest win streak in franchise history. Their last nine wins were by double digits; the NBA record for consecutive double digit wins is 10 in a row. 

7) Mitch Kupchak is the new general manager of the Charlotte Hornets; still not sure why the Lakers canned him as GM, but he went to North Carolina and Michael Jordan hired him. 

6) If a run scores because of an error, it is an unearned run on the pitcher’s record, but if the pitcher is the person who made the error, it shouldn’t be unearned, since it was his fault. Just one of my pet peeves that doesn’t matter very much. 

5) Braves 4, Rockies 0— Sean Newcomb is just the third pitcher in Coors Field history to strike out 9+ hitters and not walk anyone while throwing 6+ scoreless innings. 

4) 99-year-old Phil Coyne, a Pittsburgh Pirates usher who has been working home games for the team since 1936, is retiring. He turns 100 later this month. Can you believe he was working Pirate games in freakin’ 1936?!?!?!?! 

3) Koby McEwen was Utah State’s best player the last two years; he scored 15.6 ppg last year, but when the Aggies changed coaches last month, McEwen announced that he is bolting. McEwen’s final three teams are Creighton, Grand Canyon and Marquette— two Big East teams and…..Grand Canyon????? The Antelopes are coached by former NBA player Dan Majerle. 

2) Questions about this year’s Angels:
a) Is Shohei Ohtani going to pitch every Sunday?
b) If so, how will the other Angel pitchers feel about this?
c) If he keeps pitching this well, ain’t no one gonna say a freakin’ word.
d) If the Angels make the playoffs with a 6-man rotation, how long before more teams do it? 

1— If the NBA playoffs started today:
East: Wizards-Raptors, Bucks-Celtics, Heat-76ers, Pacers-Cavaliers
West: Wolves-Rockets, Thunder-Warriors, Spurs-Blazers, Pelicans-Jazz

Author: Armadillo Sports

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