Monday’s List of 13: Wrapping up a sports weekend…….

13) Raptors 92, 76ers 90— Kawhi Leonard hit one of the most dramatic shots in NBA history at the buzzer; he scored 41 points as Toronto advances to the Eastern finals against Milwaukee. 

As Leonard was dribbling around the perimeter with :02 or :03 left, some imbecile at the bar I was at (me) says “We’re heading to overtime.” Not so much. 

Leonard made $23,114,067 this season; he earned every penny Sunday night. 

12) Portland 100, Denver 96— Trailblazers play Golden State in western finals, which will make for a long few days for the Curry family. Seth Curry plays for Portland- they trailed by 17 in this game. 

11) If you like listening to podcasts and you like football and you like movies, there is a MMQB NFL Podcast that is periodically going to analyze football movies- they’ve already done Draft Day and Any Given Sunday. Good stuff. It is available in the iTunes store for free. 

One thing though, it is weird hearing a podcast when the people doing the podcast are maybe half your age, and they’re talking about a 20-year old movie like Any Given Sunday

10) Podcasts are fun, especially late at night, but they also make me a little sad, because they’re slowly replacing writing as a way of communicating, and writing is a great skill we should cultivate in young people. If we stop reading and writing, thats not a good thing. 

Podcasts are a lazy way of communicating; instead of sitting at your keyboard and thinking about what to type, you just blurt out whatever comes into your mind. It is faster and a lot less strenuous. 

Some podcasts aren’t so good, but some are really, really good- you have to be a good consumer so you don’t waste your own time. 

9) Madison Bumgarner is likely to get traded in the next couple months; he’s posted an 8-team no-trade list, with every team on the list a contender. 

Bumgarner’s in the walk year of his contract, and probably wants to get a contract extension before he’d agree to approve a trade to one of the eight contenders. 

8) Meanwhile, today is May 13 and Dallas Keuchel, Craig Kimbrel are still free agents. 

7) Baseball injuries:
— Mariners put P Felix Hernandez (shoulder) on the IL. 

— Astros put Jose Altuve (hamstring) on the IL. 

6) Dodgers 6, Nationals 0— Hyun-Jin Ryu didn’t allow a hit until the 8th inning. 

5) Astros 15, Rangers 5— Houston scored 26 runs the last two days. 

4) Red Sox 11, Mariners 2— Boston outscored Seattle 34-8 in this series. 

3) Pirates 10, Cardinals 6— St Louis lost seven of its last nine games. 

2) Bruins 6, Hurricanes 2— Boston grabs 2-0 series lead in eastern final. 

1) Further evidence the world may be going nuts: an American Airlines pilot was dragged from a plane in Kentucky and arrested this weekend for the 2015 triple-homicide of three of his former neighbors. Oy. 

Author: Armadillo Sports

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