Monday’s List of 13: Wrapping up a sports weekend…….

13) If you had your choice of any QB ever in his prime to play for your team; a real team, not a fantasy team, who would you choose? 

12) If the Cardinals decide to trade QB Josh Rosen and take Oklahoma QB Kyler Murray with the first pick in April’s NFL draft, which teams would be open to trading for Rosen? 

My guesses: Miami and Oakland, maybe Jacksonville.

11) It must suck living in Los Angeles, never anything to do (sarcasm alert). Saturday, the Clippers played Detroit at home, the NHL’s Kings hosted Pittsburgh and the Rams played Dallas in an NFL playoff game. 

Sunday, the Lakers hosted Cleveland, and I’m leaving out all the college sports taking place in the area (Long Beach St, Fullerton and LMU were all home Saturday). 

10) Movie trivia: Do you remember the 1977 movie One on One, where Robby Benson plays a hotshot college basketball player? The actor who played Coach Smith in that movie was GD Spradlin, who also played the Tom Landry-like character in North Dallas Forty. 

Turns out that in real life, Spradlin was an oil man who managed John F Kennedy’s Presidential campaign in Oklahoma in 1960. Go figure. 

9) Stanford RB Bryce Love tore his ACL in their regular season finale, which helps explain why he sat out the Sun Bowl— the knee was operated on December 18. 

The current bowl system has a growing problem; star players who are already projected to go to the NFL will sit these games out, for this very reason. 

8) Baseball doings:
— Mets gave 2B Jed Lowrie $20M for two years.
— Bronx gave 2B DJ LeMahieu $24M for two years. 

7) From Josh Applebaum of Action Network:

“Parlays provide a 30% hold for sportsbooks. Every other major sport averages a hold of 5%. They’re a massive moneymaker for the house. Nothing wrong with the occasional parlay, but individual bets are a much smarter long-term strategy”

6) Jets are expected to hire Gregg Williams as their new DC, which is an excellent hire. 

Steve Sarkisian turned down the Arizona Cardinals and went back to Alabama to be their OC, which tells me that his ultimate goal is be a college head coach again.

5) The CEO of Disney made $65.7M last year; that seems excessive. 

NBC told Megan Kelly to take a hike, but she gets all of her $69M contract, which has about $30M left on it. Ms Kelly’s exit was ignited last fall after she defended Halloween costumes that incorporate blackface. What a country.

4) Thursday night, the Spurs beat Oklahoma City 154-147 in double OT:
— It was the first 300-point NBA game since December 7, 2006
— Spurs made 16-19 (84.2%) from the arc, an NBA record (with 15+ attempts)
— Russell Westbrook was first player with 24+ points, 24+ assists in a game since Magic Johnson on January 9, 1990.

3) Patriots 41, Chargers 28— Kansas City opened as a 3-point favorite in AFC title game. New England lost last three times they played AFC title game on road. Last time Patriots won an NFC title game on road was in 2004, last time they won any road playoff game was 2006. 

This will be the first time in 70 games that a Tom Brady-led team is an underdog. 

Sunday’s game was 38-7 at one point, so final score is misleading; Nantz/Romo emptied their bag of filler material, talking about everything except the PGA Tour, which might’ve been more interesting than some of the stuff they did talk about. 

2) Saints 20, Eagles 14— Philly led 14-0 early, but Saints scored on a drive extended by a fake punt, and they controlled the game from that point on. New Orleans outgained the Eagles 420-250; Philly has a very interesting offseason ahead of it. What to do about Nick Foles? 

Saints’ WR Michael Thomas is really good; he was the 6th WR taken (47th player overall) in the 2016 NFL Draft, which is why the draft is so damn interesting. Inexact science. 

1) Somewhere in this great country, there is a gambler who had Seton Hall (-4) Thursday and Maryland (-5) Friday. Both sides lost vs the spread on last-second 3-pointers; gambling is difficult, and in cases like these two games, it can be cruel.

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