Monday’s List of 13; Wrapping up a sports weekend

13) I’m still kind of wondering how Aaron Boone lands a job managing a major league baseball team in New York City, when he has never managed anywhere before, ever.

Dealing with the NYC media is a task in itself; maybe I question that part of it more than the actual X’s and O’s of baseball, which I‘m sure Boone will handle just fine.

Same thing goes for Davey Martinez in Washington, who are expected to make the playoffs again this season. Wouldn’t you want a more experienced guy to handle a really good team?

12) One of the best parts of March is that there is almost constant baseball on TV, mostly replays of spring training games from earlier in the day. Season is starting earlier this year, so exhibition games started earlier too. Excellent.

It does bug me when TV guys appear bored to have to work these games. I know they don’t mean anything, obviously the real games aren’t for another month, but John Kruk on the Phillies’ TV games is a big disappointment, and FP Santangelo on Nationals’ game is like an 8-year old with a live microphone. Its your job, pretend you care about doing it well.

11) New Mexico 91, UNLV 90- Very fun game to watch; Rebels were only 4-7 on arc, 28-40 on foul line. Very bitter loss when you miss 12 foul shots and lose by one. #10 on New Mexico hit the game-winning 3-pointer; he is 31-61 on the arc for the season.

On New Mexico’s last possession, UNLV took freshman star McCoy out and put Diong in, because Diong is a better defender. When McCoy is deciding whether or not to go to the NBA this spring, the fact that his team takes him out on defense on the most important possession of the game should tell him that he’ll make a lot more money (eventually) if he stays in school for another year and gets bulkier/stronger before he gets drafted into the NBA.

10) Duke beat Syracuse 60-44 Saturday night, but were just 2-18 on arc against Syracuse’s 2-3 zone. Blue Devils had been 30-72 on the arc in their previous three games.

9) Last year, the Dodgers played only 45 games where their starting pitcher was working on 4 days’ rest, the fewest in the majors. Next fewest were Bronx (53), Astros/Padres (64) and the Nationals (67).

8) Red Sox/Tampa Bay play 10 times before May 1st this season; Boston TV guys were pretty much assuming on air Saturday that the Red Sox will kick their butts and get off to a fast start this season. Tampa Bay dumped a lot of its better players this winter.

7) There are 15 big league teams training in Arizona, 15 in Florida, so at least one team has to play split squad games every day, to even the schedule out.

6) Logan Morrison turned down $20M for two years from the Indians, winds up signing a 1-year, $6.5M deal with Minnesota that best-case, could become two years, $16.5M. Brilliant!!!!

5) Houston 109, East Carolina 58— Houston led this game 62-13 at halftime. East Carolina will be hiring a new coach soon; sounds like it is a difficult rebuilding job.

4) Unfortunate news from the WCC: San Diego Toreros are having a terrific season this year at 18-12, finished .500 in WCC for first time in 10 years, but coach Lamont Smith was arrested at the Oakland Airport Sunday on three counts of domestic violence.

3) Championship Week is actually two weeks and it starts tonight with the Atlantic Sun tournament being played at campus sites. Florida Gulf Coast is favored to win the tournament.

2) One of the most interesting bubble teams for March Madness is Nebraska; they’re 22-9, 13-5 in Big 14, but the league is down this year and the Cornhuskers’ non-conference schedule is #281, which makes them likely to miss the NCAA tournament.

Lot of interesting debate on Twitter about Nebraska; no one has ever been 13-5 in the Big 14 and missed the NCAA’s. Until maybe now.

1– Sunday night in Iowa City, Jordan Bohannon intentionally missed a foul shot, ending his streak of 34 consecutive made free throws, which was tied for the school record with Chris Street, who was killed in a snowy car accident January 19, 1993 during his junior season. Street is an Iowa legend; his parents still have season tickets to Hawkeye games.

Bohannon did this with 2:15 left and Iowa leading Northwestern 73-65 in their regular season finale. He left the shot short, off the front rim, and pointed to the sky. Pretty cool gesture.


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