Monday’s List of 13: Wrapping up a sports weekend…….

13) All NFL teams should carry three QB’s; the #3 QB should be a 48th roster spot that is mandated to protect the quality of games, should a starter get hurt early in the game. 

Couple years ago in Houston, the Texans’ QB got hurt very early; they didn’t have a #3 QB active, so they had to play a very conservative game, so the backup didn’t get hurt. It ruined the game, just made it an awful football game to watch. 

NFL teams are all rich as hell; spend a few bucks and activate three QB’s every week. 

12) Josh McCown is the veteran QB the Jets hope will mentor rookie Sam Darnold; McCown’s daughter is six months younger than Darnold. 

11) There are only five players who have hit 100+ homers for three different teams: Reggie Jackson, Alex Rodriguez, Jim Thome, Darrell Evans and Adrian Beltre. 

Fred McGriff hit 100+ homers for Atlanta and Toronto, “only” 99 for Tampa Bay. 

10) When Kenta Maeda made his 20th start of the season for the Dodgers Friday night, it earned him a $1M bonus. He earns another $1.5M if/when he gets to 25 starts, but even though the Dodgers are in a tight pennant race, he’s going to the bullpen after his recent struggles. 

Hyun-jin Ryu will take Maeda’s turn in the rotation Wednesday. 

9) David Wright played in a minor league rehab game Sunday; the 35-year old Wright hasn’t played in major league game since May 27, 2016. He went 0-3. 

8) Former major league pitcher Esteban Loaiza pled guilty Friday to possession of cocaine with intent to distribute. Authorities found about 20 kilograms of cocaine in a house he was renting. Loaiza is facing a minimum of 10 years in prison with a maximum of life. He’ll be sentenced on November 2.

46-year old Loaiza pitched in the majors for 14 years, went 126-114; he earned a total of $43,734,000 as a major league player. Now he is looking at a minimum of 10 years in jail. 

7) Makes me laugh when you see ballplayers wearing their sunglasses on their hats on a sunny day. Not going to help you much there, buddy. 

6) Sounds like Chad Kelly has moved ahead of Paxton Lynch on the Broncos’ depth chart at QB. Kelly is an Ole Miss alum who is also Jim Kelly’s nephew- he is Case Keenum’s backup, for now. 

5) Saw something Friday I haven’t seen much; Nationals’ OF Juan Soto got picked off first twice in the same game, once by the pitcher, once by the catcher. When you lose 3-2, getting picked off twice isn’t ideal. 

4) I’m guessing there are more kick returns in NFL exhibition games than in regular season games; say you’re a guy trying to make the roster as a special teamer. Taking a knee in the end zone ain’t getting you on a roster, so you run the ball out of the end zone and try to make a big play so you get noticed. 

In the regular season, a returner takes the ball out of the end zone and screws up his team’s field position, you’re going to get cut. You take a knee, your club gets the ball on the 25 and you keep your job. Once you have a job, you become conservative to keep it. 

3) San Francisco Giants retired Barry Bonds’ #25 Saturday night; I’m neutral on Bonds, but any event with Willie Mays and Willie McCovey present is automatically a cool event. 

2) Is the PGA Tour in trouble? Every week, no matter what happens, we get “Tiger Woods shot a 73, finished at 4-under par. Oh by the way, Player X shot 62 on Sunday and won by six strokes”, as if every other golfer is an afterthought. 

If Eldrick Woods never wins another golf tournament, what happens to the PGA Tour? The guy will be 43 in December; he is on the downside of his career, no matter what. Golf had its heyday when Woods was unstoppable, but that was a long time ago. 

Maybe all the writers covering golf are fearful their gravy train could be de-railed when Woods is finished playing, so they’re hoping like hell he can regain his winning touch. 

1) Maryland put its head coach, two athletic trainers and a strength coach on administrative leave as the school reviews circumstances surrounding the death of offensive lineman Jordan McNair June 13. 

It isn’t the most important thing, but hard to believe the coach is going to keep his job after this debacle. Not sure why stuff like this still happens, but it does.

Author: Armadillo Sports

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