Monday’s List of 13: Wrapping up a sports weekend…….

13) Red Sox are 40 games over .500 in July, just 5th team since 1969 to do that. Here are the other four: 

1969 Orioles— 41 games over .500
1970 Reds- 40 games over .500
2001 Mariners— 47 games over .500
2017 Dodgers— 43 games over .500

Good news for the Red Sox; three of those teams got to the World Series that year.
Bad news for the Red Sox; none of those teams won the World Series that year. 

12) Why haven’t the Jets signed Sam Darnold yet? Quit nitpicking over contract details; he’s your franchise QB moving forward— get him in camp. 

11) Not only did Angels’ rookie catcher Francisco Arcia knock in 10 runs in his first two major league games, which is an all-time major league record, it came after he played 12 years in the minor leagues. 

10) According to RJ Bell, when the Royals won in the Bronx Saturday afternoon, it was the biggest baseball upset since Tampa Bay upset Pedro Martinez and the Red Sox (-$460) back in September, 2004. 

9) If you follow college basketball, you probably know who Seth Davis is; he appears on the CBS college basketball studio show, writes for The Athletic, used to write for Sports Illustrated. 

Davis’ father has been in the news a lot lately; he is Lanny Davis, one of Michael Cohen’s lawyers. 

8) Mets are paying injured 3B David Wright $20M this year, then $15M next year and $12M in 2020, but they recoup 75% of that money from an insurance policy. Too bad they don’t re-invest the $15M they saved this year. 

7) Duquesne’s basketball team brought in seven new players for this season, all of whom have a wingspan of 7+ feet. One kid has a wingspan of 7-7.5. Will they play more zone, with all those long arms ready to deflect passes? 

6) Why did the Cubs trade for Cole Hamels? Tyler Chatwood has 11 starts this year with 5+ walks; no one else in the major leagues has more than six. Thats why. 

5) Cincinnati Reds are 28-21 since June 1; problem is, they were 20-37 before June 1. 

4) When Matt Carpenter homered in six straight games earlier this month, he didn’t hit any singles in those games; he is the first player since Travis Hafner (in 2005) to do that. 

3) For some reason, ESPN decided to rank the last 20 college football national champs, and they came up with the 2002 Ohio State team as the worst of the 20 champs, all of which annoyed a lot of people in the Buckeye State. 

2) Baseball strategy: Mets led Pittsburgh 1-0 in top of 7th Sunday; they had men on 2nd, 3rd with two out and pitcher Zack Wheeler was due up- he is pitching a shutout and has thrown only 89 pitches. Do you pinch-hit or not? 

Mets send Conforto up to pinch-hit; the Pirates walk him intentionally, loading the bases, and then they get Rosario out to end the inning, so not only is Wheeler out of the game, you’ve wasted your best pinch-hitter. 

This isn’t a clear-cut decision; they probably figured they were only getting one more inning out of Wheeler no matter what, so they should go for the runs. Decisions like this are one of the big differences between managing in the American and National Leagues. 

Mets won 1-0; from Mark Simon “Wheeler becomes first Mets pitcher with only RBI in a 1-0 win since Nino Espinosa in 1977 against the Phillies”

1) Braves 4, Dodgers 0— Lefty Sean Newcomb was masterful for Atlanta, no-hitting the Dodgers for 8.2 innings, before Chris Taylor singled with two out in the 9th.

He threw 117 pitches in first eight innings, 134 for the game, most of any pitcher in the major leagues this season. He had never thrown more than 111 as a pro. Will be interesting to track him going forward.

Newcomb was 1-3, 7.00 in his previous four starts. Go figure. 

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