Monday’s List of 13: Happy Labor Day, everyone…….

13) NFL happenings:
— Giants waived backup QB Davis Webb, claimed an NFL-high six players off waivers, three of whom are defensive backs. Webb was a 3rd-round draft pick LY.
— Denver Broncos dumped QB Paxton Lynch, their first round pick two years ago. Broncos also cut four of their eight draft picks from 2017. 

12) Football writer Gary Myers posted Sunday that new Giants coach Pat Shurmur was steamed that Webb never got to play in an NFL game LY, so he could see him play on tape, in real action. 

Shurmur can thank his current starting QB for that development.

Of the 53 players on the Giants’ roster, 27 of them weren’t Giants LY, 26 of them were. 

11) Saturday was the first college football Saturday with legalized wagering in Mississippi, and the GoldStrong MGM hotel in Tunica was sold out- the lines in the sportsbook were out into the lobby. They only have 4 or 5 windows for betting. 

10) PGA Tour is in Boston this week; golfer Patrick Reed got some free tickets to the Red Sox game at Fenway, then had the onions to complain about them, saying the tickets were “..…in the line drive section” He’s not the most likable guy. 

9) Astros have surprisingly lost Justin Verlander’s last five home starts. 

8) Thru his first 177 major league at-bats, Padres rookie Franmil Reyes had 13 homers, but only 19 RBI. That is hard to do. 

He is hitting .298 with the bases empty, .161 (9 for 56) with men on base. 

7) Now that Aaron Donald has a contract with $87M in guarantees, he’s going to get his mother to quit her job driving a bus, which she’s done for the last 20 years. 

6) Peter Alonso has 35 homers, 117 RBI in the minor leagues this season, splitting time between AA and AAA- he hit .314 in the Eastern League, is hitting .261 in the PCL. 

Why won’t the Mets bring him up? Shouldn’t they promote productive players? 

5) Good luck to Sam the Bugler, who is retiring after 25 years of calling horses onto the track at New York racetracks. Sam Grossman is the guy’s real name; he actually has a bobblehead that the NYRA gave out to fans a few years ago.

4) Dodger bullpen hasn’t helped Clayton Kershaw much this season; LA is 11-10 in his starts this year, but they’re 13-6-2 in the first five innings of those starts. 

3) New England Patriots obviously dominate the AFC East; they’ve won that lame division 17 years in a row, but Patriots have lost four of their last five visits to Miami. 

2) If your kid is in college and wants to be a sports broadcaster, tell him to study hard- there is a young man at Syracuse doing SU football games— Ian Eagle’s son, and he’s going to get a job before your kid does. Very difficult to become a professional announcer— lot of times you need serious connections, just to get your foot in the door.  

If you’re lucky enough to get your foot in the door, you best be good, really good to keep your job. 

1) Apparently Aretha Franklin didn’t have a will, so the wrangling over her estate is going to be drawn out; she was worth millions, and has four sons. As usual, there will be lawyers. 

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