Monday’s List of 13: Wrapping up a sports weekend…….

13) Social media can be pretty cool sometimes. Sunday, when John Tavares signed with the Maple Leafs, a disgruntled Islanders’ fan posted a pic of his Tavares jersey and said “I don’t think I can wear this jersey again and it kills me.  At nearly 47 years old I should know better, but I am devastated.”

I responded that he shouldn’t burn the jersey, just give it to a kid or put it up on eBay. 

Little while later, the guy posts a pic of him putting the jersey into a Goodwill bin, which is great; a kid will get the jersey and enjoy it. Congrats to that guy for making the effort. 

12) Every time the Red Sox win a game, they post a photo that defines that game on the wall in manager Alex Cora’s lineup. Excellent idea, actually, like a roadmap thru the season.

11) Some of the Minnesota Twins had problems with the heat in Chicago this weekend; can you imagine what driving in a NASCAR race, with that big suit on, must be like on a 95-degree day? 

Twins scored 25 runs in three games at Wrigley Field and didn’t win any of them; Sunday’s 11-10 final was only close game, and that was only because Minnesota scored five runs in top of the 8th. Dismal weekend for the Twins.

10) On July 1, the Mets sent a check for $1,193,248.20 to Bobby Bonilla- they have to do that every year through 2035. If things get much worse for them, the Mets might ask Bonilla to suit up again, and he is 55 now. 

9) Pirates lost 4-3 in San Diego late Saturday; they had tying run on 3rd with no one out, but with one out, a foul fly was hit down the RF line. Hunter Renfroe caught the ball as he bumped into the wall in foul territory, but Marte never tagged up and couldn’t try to score. 

8) Gio Gonzalez is having a solid major league career- he is 123-91 in the majors, but he was traded by the White Sox twice, once in December ’05, then again two years later. That does not happen much. White Sox got Jim Thome, Nick Swisher back in the two trades- Gio was part of a package in both deals. 

7) Sounds like Portland, OR is eager for a major league baseball team, whether it be an expansion team or the Oakland A’s moving north. They’re going to build a 34,000-seat stadium in Portland and they’ve done a great job supporting the NBA’s Trailblazers over the years.

6) QB Ben Miles, son of former LSU coach Les Miles, is transferring from Nebraska to Texas A&M. There is some history between Les Miles and Texas A&M coach Jimbo Fisher; Fisher was an offensive coordinator at LSU working under Miles in 2005, 2006. 

5) Former Colorado State basketball coach Larry Eustachy got the first of three $250,000 payments Sunday- they are part of his settlement after being fired by the Rams last season. 

4) Milwaukee Brewers sent SS Orlando Arcia to AAA for the second time this year; the first time they sent him down, his replacement sprained his ankle a couple days later so he came right back to Milwaukee, but with Arcia batting .197, he figures to stay in Colorado Springs for a while now. 

3) Rays 3, Astros 2— Houston scored seven runs in the four-game series, going 1-3. Tampa Bay is 42-41, and Kevin Cash should be Manager of the Year. 

2) 97 degrees today at Armadillo World HQ (heat index was 106), might hit 100 tomorrow; not even a dry heat, like you find in Las Vegas. Heat is better than snow, but everything in moderation……

1) There is a young lady, maybe 9-10 years old, who was born with a deformed right hand, but now she uses a robotic hand— she is traveling around the country, throwing out the first pitch at various major league ballparks. Philadelphia was her 17th major league ballpark Sunday; good for her!!!

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