Monday’s List of 13: wrapping up a sports weekend……

13) Astros 8, Rangers 7— Houston had men on 2nd and 3rd in top of 9th with two out, tied 7-7. Pitch is thrown, swing is checked and Astros come out of the dugout, claiming the pitcher balked. To this point, no umpire had said a word. 

Umpires huddle together, a balk is called, and Astros take the lead. Huh? 

I’ve never, ever seen that; a balk being called 3-4 minutes after the pitch was thrown, and for it to happen in a tie game in the ninth inning, hmmmm. Will be curious how the league office spins that call tomorrow. 

Rangers are having a lousy year, and when you’re struggling, stuff like this happens. 

12) Padres 3, Marlins 1— Clayton Richard has a 4.40 ERA; he had a no-hitter here through six innings in this game. Marlins are on pace to lose 105 games this season. 

11) Youngest player in NBA Draft is a 6-4 Ukrainian PG named Issuf Sanon, who is only 18 years old. 

10) On the Red Sox telecast Sunday, Dave O’Brien/Dennis Eckersley touched on the debate of who was the best closer ever in baseball. Its an interesting debate. 

Living in New York, Mariano Rivera is the obvious choice, but you have to realize that he was a “3-out” closer, he pitched one inning at a time. Brilliantly, but only three outs a day. 

Looking back at Bruce Sutter/Rollie Fingers, they often came into a game before the 9th inning and finished the game. In Fingers’ five busiest seasons, he AVERAGED five outs an appearance, meaning on an average day, he came in with one out in the 8th inning, and closed it out. 

Something to think about when you’re debating who the best closers were.

9) Toronto Blue Jays’ #1 prospect Vladimir Guerrero Jr. will be shut down for the next four weeks- he has a strained patellar tendon in his left knee.

8) Knowledge slipping through the cracks; until this year, I had no idea that Paul Giamatti the actor is (former baseball commissioner) Bart Giamatti’s son. 

Also didn’t know until recently that Angelina Jolie is Jon Voight’s daughter.  

7) Trailing 5-3 in 6th inning Saturday night, Rangers’ OF Joey Gallo bunted to third base for an easy hit; the Astros put everyone on the right side of the field, defying Gallo to bunt for the hit. I’m wondering what Justin Verlander was thinking when Gallo finally bunted, and how many times does he have to do it before teams modify their shifts? 

6) JD Martinez hit 21 homers in Boston’s first 65 games; he is the first Red Sock to hit that many in their first 65 games since Manny Ramirez in 2001. 

5) Texas Rangers put P Doug Fister (knee) on 10-day DL. 

Carlos Correa (side) missed his 4th straight game but isn’t on the DL yet. 

4) Random trivia: In 1944, the Reds had a pitcher named Joe Nuxhall who pitched 0.2 of an inning in the majors when he was a month short of his 16th birthday. 

Nuxhall re-appeared in the majors eight years later, and then pitched the next 15 years in Cincinnati- he later became a long-time broadcaster for the Reds. 

3) Colorado Rockies are 5-2 when Chad Bettis starts on the road (4-1, 2.03); they’re 2-4 in his home starts (0-0, 7.76). 

2) Colorado Rockies TV guys had their scouting director on TV during the game Sunday; it was interesting hearing them talking about how a scout thinks and what he sees when he goes all over the country watching games. 

These scouts are always on the road; the scouting director said he will be on the road again for the 2019 draft, starting next Sunday. The 2019 draft is 50 weeks away. 

1) Guy in Miami made a nice catch on a foul ball Sunday, while holding his scorecard in the other hand. He was wearing a sun visor. Why would a bald guy wear a sun visor? Got to protect the top of that head. 

Author: Armadillo Sports

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