Monday’s List of 13: Wrapping up a sports weekend…….

13) Somewhere in this great country of ours Saturday night, someone bet the under on the Cubs-Mets game; deGrom vs Montgomery was the pitching matchup.  

Game was 1-1 after the 13th inning; total was 7.5. Under looked like a winner. 

Then the Cubs scored six runs in the 14th inning. Gambling is difficult. 

12) Since start of 2016 season, most starts of 5+ innings with one or fewer runs allowed:
Lester 36, Verlander 32, Scherzer 31, deGrom 29

11) AL East:
New York 1 GB— Have played six fewer games than the Red Sox. 

10) AL Central
Cleveland— No Wild Cards from this division
Detroit 2.5 GB
Minnesota 3.5

9) AL West
Seattle— Second place in this division is a probable Wild Card
Houston 1 GB
Angels 5.5
A’s 6.5— A’s are 10-19 vs division rivals, 21-10 against everyone else. 

8) NL East
Nationals 1.5 GB— Daniel Murphy is expected back soon.
Phillies 3

Phillies are the first team EVER to score only one run in a three-game series, with the only run scoring on a home run by a pitcher. 

7) NL Central
Brewers— They’re 12-14 vs division rivals, 25-9 vs everyone else.
Cubs 2
Cardinals 3.5
Pirates 6.5

6) NL West
Diamondbacks— Interesting race, but all these teams are struggling
Rockies 1.5 GB
Dodgers 2.5— Dodgers can buy talent (Manny Machado??) at trade deadline
Giants 2.5
Padres 5.5

5) In 12 of Seattle’s last 16 home games, the winning run scored after the 6th inning. Mariners are 6-0 in extra inning games this year, as they compete for a playoff spot. 

4) Over is 13-2 in Oakland’s last fifteen series openers; not sure why. A’s last eight home series openers all went over, even though the A’s don’t hit nearly as well at home. 

3) Diamondbacks have been held to six or fewer hits in 30 of their first 58 games; no one else has more than 25 such games. 

Last time a team went a whole season with more games of six of fewer hits than games with 7+ hits? The 1910 White Sox. 

2) Braves 4, Nationals 2— Charlie Culbertson hit a walk-off tater for his 8th career home run; four of his eight career homers have been walk-off homers.  

1— Late Friday night in Denver, according to police, an FBI agent did a back flip in a club, dropped his gun and accidentally shot someone.


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