Monday’s List of 13: Wrapping up a sports weekend

13) Willie Taggart is the new football coach at Oregon, but his tenure is off to a rocky start; three of his players wound up in the hospital after workouts under the new strength coach (who came with Taggart from USF) who was then suspended for a month.

Then his new offensive coordinator was arrested for DUI last week and will be fired for cause. All this in about a month. No bueno.

12) Al Geiberger was the first golfer to shoot 59 in a PGA event; he won the Memphis Open that week by three shots, Weird thing is, his other three rounds that week? 72-70-72.

How do you shoot 59 one day and not break 70 any of the other three days?

11) Of the eight rounds of 59 on Tour, only four came on par-72 courses.

Adam Hadwin shot 59 this week and didn’t win the tournament.

10) Broadcaster Barry Tompkins is in his mid-70’s now; he teaches broadcasting in college, has been a local sports anchor, been in movies (Rocky IV), broadcast boxing, football, basketball, tennis- he’s had a great career.

Working the LMU-Santa Clara basketball game Saturday night, Tompkins told partner Brad Holland that he never attended college. Apparently he tried to become an actor at an early age and that didn’t go too well. Things worked out really well since then, though.

9) When the NBA players voted for the All-Star teams, 51 players voted for Kristaps Porzingis, 50 players voted for Carmelo Anthony.

8) Cal Poly has an assistant coach from Poland, a freshman big man from Poland and will apparently try to start a recruiting pipeline from Poland, much like what St Mary’s has done with Australian players.

There is a Big West rule that teams have to give at least 7 of their 13 scholarships to kids from California, so the Mustangs will be going international with those other six free rides.

7) Arizona beat UCLA Saturday; heard someone saying that Sean Miller gave everyone else the blueprint for how to beat the Bruins. One small problem with that:

Very few teams have Arizona’s talent level, a level right there with UCLA and few teams defend like Arizona does— they were great at contesting 3-pointers Saturday.

6) There have been 19 games this season where a D-I college player scored 40+ points in a game; that player’s team is 12-7 in those games.

5) Virginia Tech 82, Clemson 81— Tigers have now lost six games in a row, as a promising season has turned into the season from hell.

Same thing at Colorado; the Buffs were picked to finish 4th in the Pac-12; right now, they’re 0-7 after losing in OT at perennial league doormat Washington State.

4) I don’t want to hear anything about 11 or 12 teams from the ACC making the NCAA’s; you finish 11th or 12th in a 15-team league, you don’t deserve to be in the national tournament.

These days, the Big-5 football conferences wield a lot of power, but the line has to be drawn somewhere. Much rather see two teams from mid-major leagues get in the tournament.

3) Patriots 36, Steelers 17— How come the Patriots win so much but no one hires their coordinators to become head coaches?

I’m guessing Antonio Brown didn’t broadcast Mike Tomlin’s postgame speech on Facebook.

2) Falcons 44, Packers 21— This was an awful game, just a complete destruction by the Falcon offense, which put up 493 yards in an easy win.

1— Kickers were 33-33 on field goals this postseason until Mason Crosby’s missed field goal in first quarter in Atlanta.

Author: Armadillo Sports

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