Monday’s List of 13: Wrapping up a sports weekend……

13) I don’t understand why an NFL prospect would go to the Combine but not work out; what do you have to lose? Letting teams see what you can do should only help your standing. Only thing could be if you’re got a minor injury, but lot of these kids skip working out for no reason at all. 

12) Portland Trailblazers’ star Damian Lillard once bought undrafted rookie Luis Montero $5,000 worth of dress clothes so that in games where Montero was inactive, he’d look professional while sitting on the bench. 

Thats what a team leader does. 

11) Did Bryce Harper really turn down a 4-year, $45M a year deal from the Dodgers? 

Say he took it, then four years from now, he’d need a 9-year, $200M deal to wind up with the same money he is making now (not accounting for higher California taxes). 

Could you imagine how salty football players would be if a baseball player got $45M a year, with every penny guaranteed? 

10) With news that Todd Gurley may have arthritis in his left knee that was operated on in 2014, former NFL safety Will Blackmon was on Twitter this weekend explaining how guys get arthritis in their knees after they’ve had surgery, and it bothers them thru the rest of their careers, even though those players won’t be listed on injury reports. Was interesting to listen to.

9) Clippers 128, Knicks 107— This game was 82-46. At HALFTIME. 

8) Creighton 66, Marquette 60— Little different than the 108-104 OT game in first meeting, but apparently the Bluejays match up well with Marquette, seeing how Creighton is 2-0 against the Golden Eagles, but only 5-9 against the rest of the Big East. 

7) Iona won its last seven games to claim the MAAC regular season title; four teams tied for 2nd place a game behind- 10-8 Monmouth finished 6th. Hawks were 1-12 in their pre-conference schedule, then went 10-8 in the league, which tells us the league isn’t very good. 

6) Washington 62, Stanford 61— Huskies survived Stanford’s upset bid, but shaky weekend for them, with a loss to lowly Cal, then this. Washington’s resume isn’t great, even though they’re 23-6 (1-4 vs top 100 teams out of conference)

5) There is a high school gym in New Castle, Indiana that seats 9,325 people; I’m not sure my high school gym back in the day could’ve seated 932 people, though they have a nicer gym here now.

4) Golfer Keith Mitchell won the Honda Classic for his first PGA Tour win in his 40th career start. Thats life-changing stuff for the 27-year old; a two-year exemption, plus lot of FedEx points and invites to more prestigious events. 

3) Rockets 115, Celtics 104- Boston lost five of its last six games and plays Golden State next. 

2) There is an old saying “When one door closes, another one opens”; sometimes that second door is the better one. Take the case of Bucks’ coach Mike Budenholzer. 

Budenholzer coached the Atlanta Hawks for the last five years, going 213-197, but after a dismal season LY, the Hawks let him go, and Milwaukee hired him. 

Coaching Giannis Antetokounmpo has turned out to be a good gig; Budenholzer’s Bucks are 48-14, the first team to clinch a playoff spot this year, and five years of obscurity in Atlanta seems like a long time ago.

1) Speaking of the Hawks…….

Bulls 168, Hawks 161, 4OT— When Trae Young scored 49 points and handed out 16 assists in the Hawks’ 4-OT marathon loss Friday night, he became the first rookie since Earl Monroe in 1968 to score 49+ points and have 10+ assists in the same game.

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