Monday’s List of 13: Wrapping up a sports Sunday

13) Chiefs 31, 49ers 20— With 7:00 left to play, San Francisco led 20-10 and looked a lot like a winner; then the Chiefs scored three TD’s in a 5:01 span and Andy Reid has his first Super Bowl title after 221 wins as an NFL coach. Good for him. 

12) Think about the fine line between winning and losing in the NFL; last time a team won the Super Bowl without having s first round bye was seven years ago, when the Ravens won the title as a 4-seed from the AFC. 

Only reason Kansas City had a bye in the playoffs this year was because New England lost as a 17-point home favorite in Week 17 against the Dolphins. Otherwise, Chiefs probably would’ve had to win a road game to make the Super Bowl. 

11) Three years ago, Atlanta led New England 28-3 in Super Bowl LI, with 3:00 left in the third quarter; they lost the game 34-28 in overtime. Kyle Shanahan was Atlanta’s OC that day.

So with 7:00 left to play Sunday, Shanahan’s 49ers led 20-10 and looked like a champ, but once again his team fell apart down the stretch and lost a memorable game.

Going to be a long winter in Santa Clara. 

10) Odds and ends from the Super Bowl:
— Chiefs ran 75 plays, 49ers 54.
— 49ers’ last four drives: 17 plays, 49 yards, three first downs, no points.
— Chiefs’ last three drives before taking a knee at the end: 19 plays, 190 yards, 21 points. 

9) I usually do my taxes during the Super Bowl, because a lot fewer people are online then, but I did my taxes Friday, so I went out to have dinner and watch the game.

Had dinner before the game, then wanted to order some dessert at halftime, but the female bartender was so enamored with Jennifer Lopez and Shakira performing on TV, that wasn’t happening. Unless you count the free popcorn, which is very good.

Very popular halftime performance; I’m amazed they got the stage and all the people off the field so quickly so that the game could actually resume. Impressive.

8) Best commercial for me was Bill Murray’s Groundhog Day Jeep ad, where he reprised his role as Phil, the TV reporter who re-lives the same day, over and over again. Watching Murray play whack-a-mole while the horrified groundhog looked on was excellent.  

7) Upsets:
— Green Bay (+5) 92, Wright State 89
— Niagara (+3) 75, Quinnipiac 59
— Georgetown (+2) 73, St John’s 72

6) Georgetown 73, St John’s 72— Red Storm led by 17 with with 16:04 left; they blew the game, lost for 8th time in last ten games, losing to a Georgetown team playing without one of its best players, Mac McClung.

5) Green Bay 92, Wright State 89— Green Bay was 28-43 on foul line; Wright was 21-28, and lost for only second time in their last 14 games. Raiders’ lead over Northern Kentucky atop the Horizon League is down to a game.

4) Saint Peter’s 85, Siena 80— Peacocks outscored Siena 30-16 on foul line; they trailed by nine late in first half. Saints lost despite making 12-25 on arc; they’re 1-10 on the road, 9-0 at home.

3) Iowa 72, Illinois 65— This was a high-level game where Iowa C Luka Garza made all the difference, as Hawkeyes outscored Illinois 17-6 over the final 5:26. Garza scored 25 points and had 10 rebounds.

After the game, Iowa head coach Fran McCaffery and Illinois assistant coaches got into a heated exchange in the handshake line. After a few words back and forth, McCaffery called off the handshake line, and told his players to head back to the locker room.

The teams meet again March 8 in Champaign, right before the Big 14 tournament.

2) Pistons 128, Nuggets 123 OT— Denver led 44-30 after the first quarter, but Detroit’s bench outscored the Nuggets’ subs 62-26.

1) I’d like to wish Happy Birthday to my cousin KL Wheat, who had a birthday Sunday; he is a smart guy, a good friend and a Hall of Fame high school track coach. He also saved me a ton of money because a long time ago, I hung around with him and his friends at the racetrack and I realized that I KNOW VERY LITTLE about horse racing, so I shouldn’t bet on it.  Thanks!!! 

Author: Armadillo Sports

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