Monday’s List of 13: Wrapping up a sports Sunday

13) Over the weekend, a woman on Twitter posted a pic of her on vacation at a zoo with a small monkey standing on her head. Woman didn’t have a hat on or a scarf, just a monkey standing on her head.

Swear to God, I’d have a damn heart attack if a monkey stood on my head. No bueno.

12) Do the people who run college basketball talk to each other? Ever?

Supposedly they want more scoring, but they moved the 3-point arc back, and if you’re watching games this season, referees have mostly stopped calling fouls, except real obvious ones. Big 14 games have a ton of hand-checking and body contact, but not a lot of fouls are called, and not a whole lot of points are scored.

11) I’m not a big NASCAR fan, but I’m always glad to see it come on TV, that means spring is a lot closer than it used to be. Spring training follows NASCAR pretty closely, and spring training is always a good thing.

10) I’m in a restaurant the other night, and the menu says “Gourmet Mac and Cheese”. This is an oxymoron, yes? How can mac and cheese be gourmet? I asked the bartender, and she agreed.

XFL facts, observations:
9) There were 19 touchdowns in the XFL this weekend; teams went for the 2-yard, 1-point conversion 11 times, the 2-point, 5-yard conversion 8 times. No one tried a 3-point conversion from the 10-yard line.

8) Home teams won three of four games; three of four games stayed under, with the Seattle-Washington total depending on when you wagered on the game.

7) Dallas was a 10-point favorite, but QB Landry Jones didn’t play, and Dallas didn’t score a TD in its 15-9 home loss to St Louis. Jones is expected to play next weekend.

6) Teams ran an average of 62 plays per game in Week 1.

I’m pretty sure a couple of officials forgot that the XFL is using the 1-foot inbounds rule for completed passes; the replay official in New Jersey Sunday seemed very nervous, his voice was almost shaking as he talked to the referee on the field.

5) Marquette 76, Butler 57— Marquette made 11-24 on arc; Butler is 3-5 in its last eight games after a 15-1 start.

4) UConn 72, Cincinnati 71— Bearcats led by 10 in first half; but UConn made 11-26 on arc, got their third win in last four games.

3) Houston 76, Wichita State 43— Shockers went 2-24 on arc; they lost for fifth time in las seven games. Houston won seven of its last eight games; they allowed total of only 97 points in two games vs Wichita this season.

2) Washington State 79, Washington 67— Huskies have lost six in row, 10 of last 12 games.

1) Princeton 81, Columbia 72— Tigers and Yale are tied for Ivy League lead, at 5-1. 

Author: Armadillo Sports

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