Monday’s List of 13: Wrapping up a sport weekend……

13) I’m listening to Hubie Brown analyze the Spurs-Nuggets game Saturday, and he talks about when he coached games in Denver in the old ABA, when he coached the Kentucky Colonels, who were a really good team. He was talking about the high altitude in Denver. 

Then it dawned on me; the ABA folded in 1976, WHEN I WAS IN HIGH SCHOOL. 

Hubie is so awesome, so sharp, a pleasure to listen to. Absolutely no nonsense; he was coaching pro ball when I had a full head of curly hair, and thats a damn long time ago. 

12) The 1974-75 Kentucky Colonels were really good; they went 58-26, won the second-to-last ABA title, with a roster that included Artis Gilmore, Dan Issel, Louie Dampier, Will Jones, really good players. 

Had the Colonels’ owner not sold out to the ABA’s other owners and folded the Colonels (he was later allowed to buy the Celtics as a reward for screwing the Kentucky fans), Hubie Brown would have had a hell of a ballclub to go into the NBA with. 

Instead, the Nets, Pacers, Nuggets, Spurs joined the NBA for the 1976-77 season. 

11) One thing that disappointed me about Showtime’s 4-part Action series about sports betting is that they never showed the Westgate Theater on an NFL Sunday, which is my favorite place to be on any football Sunday. Just a perfect setup. Food to the left, betting in back, people are respectful of each other. I’ve had some excellent conversations in there with total strangers while watching football. 

On a college football Saturday, the Westgate SuperBook is great fun. The SuperBook is a cool place to hang out and the SouthPoint is awesome for baseball/basketball nights, but for an NFL Sunday, a 1,500-seat theater with food/betting is pretty much ideal. 

10) Last episode of the Action series last night focused on the Super Bowl, which was a very sad few hours at Armadillo World HQ (I’ve been a Ram fan since 1966). This isn’t an episode I’ll watch more than once. Too soon. 

9) FOX should have a much better #1 baseball analyst than John Smoltz, who doesn’t seem to like baseball that much. Listen to him for a few innings and it is obvious he’d much rather be out on the golf course. He should work for the Golf Channel.

8) Congrats to the person who wagered $85,000 on Eldrick Woods this week at 14-1 odds; his payday is $1.19M, about half of what Woods won at Augusta. 

7) Baseball injuries:
— Seattle put P Wade LeBlanc (oblique) on the IL
— Braves put P Aroyds Vizcaino (shoulder) on IL
— Boston OF Andrew Benitendi left Sunday’s game after fouling a ball off his foot. 

6) First two days of NBA playoffs, favorites were 4-4 vs spread; under was 8-0. 

5) Coaching carousel:
— Cincinnati hired Northern Kentucky’s John Brannen as its new coach. 
— Utah Valley hired Lakers’ assistant Mark Madsen as its new coach.
— Wofford promoted associate coach Jay McAuley as head coach. 

4) James Harden won the NBA scoring title this season by 8.09 points/game, the biggest margin of victory since Wilt Chamberlain won it by 16+ points in 1962-63. 

3) It is April 15; Dallas Keuchel and Craig Kimbrel are still free agents. Weird. 

2) Former Clemson QB Kelly Bryant is playing at Missouri now; when Mizzou had its spring game this weekend, 7 or 8 of his Clemson teammates went to Columbia to watch Bryant play- thats something NFL scouts will take note of down the road. A quarterback being liked/respected by teammates is a big deal to NFL scouts.

1) NFL schedule comes out Wednesday; seems like last season just ended.  

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