Monday’s List of 13: Random thoughts on a snowy night

13) Joel Embiid hasn’t played for the 76ers since January 27; they’re 13-18 when he plays, 7-16 when he doesn’t. Apparently Embiid has a slight meniscus tear in his knee, which is why he hasn’t been playing, but then video of him dancing on the stage of a Meek Mill concert in Philly the other night showed up and people in Philly are, uh…….not real happy.

Coach Brett Brown: ”The conversations I had with Joel after I saw the video included a lot, some of which you mentioned. By and large, I’d probably prefer it was a private conversation.’’

I’m guessing the player was introduced to the word “perception” as in, ‘When you’re getting paid millions and you can’t play because your knee hurts, then don’t show up on stage at a concert dancing. People might perceive that you’re not taking your knee rehab seriously.’

12) San Diego State 70, Nevada 56— Aztecs are 6-6 in the Mountain West this season, as their lack of shooting has caused the program to take a dip— last time the Aztecs finished under .500 in conference play was 2005.

In his last two road games, Nevada’s leading scorer Marcus Marshall is 2-22 from the floor.

11) Grant Napear is the Kings’ TV announcer; Friday night, Sacramento is playing terribly against the Hawks,  just getting killed. Kings fans are chanting “Ref u suck!!!” when they don’t get calls and Mr Napear says, “The way they’re playing, the fans should be chanting that to the Kings.”

Wow. You don’t get that kind of honesty very often on local broadcasts. Sacramento rallied to win the game, by the way.

10) This info is from Sports Insights: So far this season, 84.5% of NBA games closed with a total of 200+ points. just two years ago, that figure was only 49.6%.

9) Northwestern 66, Wisconsin 59— The long drought is over; if they get Lindsey back soon, they will be in the NCAA’s. Credit to Chris Collins, tough to turn a losing program around.

8) The following passage is from writer Jeff Passan: he is talking about Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria, who hopefully is selling the ballclub soon:

“Over the last 18 years, as Jeffrey Loria sprayed the stench of his naked greed across baseball like the skunk he is, as he destroyed the sport in one city and bilked another out of billions of dollars, as he tore asunder a championship team and micromanaged countless others and behaved like the lamest sort of wannabe George Steinbrenner possible, all blowhard, zero substance, the aggrieved could take solace in one thing and one alone: some day, the game would rid itself of him.”

7) Golf is really hard; on the European Tour this week, guy named Bernd Weisberger had nine straight birdies in his round on Friday. Doesn’t happen much. On the same nine holes the next day, he was +2 and drifted out of contention.

6) If Indiana misses the NCAA tournament, would the school reach out to Steve Alford to see if he would come home to be its coach? Alford coaching UCLA just seems weird; Alford coaching Indiana seems like it should happen.

I’m thinking that UCLA is/was/always will be a really hard job; the shadow of John Wooden, even 40 years later, is tough to coach under. Ben Howland went to three Final Fours and they couldn’t wait to get rid of him.

5) Raiders gave coach Jack Del Rio a 4-year contract extension. You wonder where he’ll be working four years from now; Las Vegas, San Diego, Oakland?

4) If Kevin Durant thinks it is necessary to hire ARMED security for his mother at a game, why would she even bother going to the game? She was surprised that people are steamed at her son bolting to Golden State? That should not be surprising; unfortunate maybe, but not surprising.

3) Tampa Bay Rays signed P Nathan Eovaldi to a $2M deal for 2107, with a club option for ’18; what makes this odd is that Eovaldi had Tommy John surgery and won’t pitch this season, so it is really a future contract for 2018.

2) Reds traded Brandon Phillips to the Braves; LY, he turned down a trade to the Nationals, a contending team. Now he approves a trade to the rebuilding Braves? Unusual.

Braves may have made the trade because Sean Rodriguez needs shoulder surgery after he was injured in a car accident. Initial reports said he was uninjured in the accident.

1) So I’m (trying to) sleep Saturday morning, my doorbell rings, then there is a knock on the door, so I think it might be important- it wasn’t.

Some guy wants to know if I’d like him to shovel the inch or two of snow that fell late Friday night off my sidewalk. I’m not a morning person, but I managed to decline politely and go back to sleep. Don’t be knocking on people’s doors on a Saturday morning.

Sunday, we got a foot of snow; think the guy will show up and want to clear off my sidewalk today? Nah, me either.

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