Monday’s List of 13: Random post-vacation thoughts

13) Saw an underrated athletic feat this weekend; for some reason, the Saints had a portable basketball goal on the line in the back of the end zone. Drew Brees stood on the 10-yard line, 20 yards away, and swished three footballs in a row into the basket from the 10-yard line.

20 yards is 60 feet; half court on a regulation court is 47 feet, so basically Brees made three shots in a row from the backcourt, using a football. Not bad.

12) Rental car return at the Cleveland airport was ridiculously busy Sunday morning, even at 6am. Quick turnaround last night; speeches ended just before midnight, then I’m out of the hotel and off to the airport by 4:45 Sunday morning. Not great planning on my part.

11) A college teammate of LaDanian Tomlinson said on Twitter this weekend that LT was so intense, he wore a mouthpiece while lifting weights. Never heard of that before.

10) Terrell Davis played two years at Long Beach State, including a red-shirt year under the great coach George Allen, but a year after Allen passed away, Long Beach State dropped football and Davis transferred to Georgia, luckily for him.

9) Dodgers are 44-7 in their last 51 games, the best 51-game stretch for any big league team since 1912.

8) Unusual that Morten Andersen is the all-time leading scorer for both the Falcons/Saints, who have the most underrated rivalry in the NFL, having come into the league a year apart in the 60’s. Anderson’s speech Saturday night was full of good humor— former Michigan State football teammate, baseball star Kirk Gibson was in Canton to support him.

No, I didn’t make an effort to meet Gibson, whose home run ruined the 1988 World Series for me.

7) The fewest interceptions by any cornerback in the Hall of Fame? 40. Darrelle Revis only has 29 in his career, so he’ll have to buck a trend to make the Hall, either that or pick off a lot more passes the rest of his career.

6) A’s traded 1B Yonder Alonso to Seattle for journeyman Boog Powell; Alonso played very well for the A’s for two years, but he is a free agent-to-be, which in Oakland means……..good-bye.

5) Mitchell Robinson, one of the best incoming freshman basketball players this fall, got his release from Western Kentucky and will go to LSU, which also got the kid from Southern Utah who wants to be a graduate transfer. LSU should be pretty good this winter.

Western Kentucky had hired Robinson’s godfather as an assistant coach, but he left earlier this summer and now the kid is gone too. Maybe WKU is better off.

4) Listened to Alex Rodriguez for a while on TV this weekend, broadcasting on FOX; he does a good job analyzing baseball. I mean, the guy doesn’t need the money, so he must enjoy the work.

3) Jay Cutler officially signed a 1-year deal with the Dolphins, delaying his broadcast career. I feel bad for Miami backup QB Matt Moore, who is a capable player, because Cutler didn’t sign up to sit on the bench. Moore could start for a few NFL teams.

Cutler gets $10M for this season, by the way. Not bad.

2) Justin Turner’s baseball career:
2009-13, Orioles/Mets: 8 home runs/926 plate appearances, .322 OB%
2014-17: Dodgers: 63 home runs in 1,737 plate appearances, .379 OB%

1) Some writers were complaining Saturday night about the length of the Hall of Fame speeches; Kurt Warner’s speech didn’t start until after 11pm. Only suggestion I can think of is players-only give speeches. I don’t need to hear that Jerry Jones was hung over when he decided to buy the Cowboys, and I don’t need to hear him to thank Rupert Murdoch, either.

All seven speeches lasted at least 19:30; Jones had the longest speech, at 36:46.

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