Monday’s List of 13: Happy Labor Day, everyone…….

13) In 2017, Giants drafted QB Davis Webb in 3rd round, cut him the next season. 

In 2018, Giants drafted QB Kyle Lauletta in 4th round, cut him the next season.

Lauletta was 0-5 passing LY, Webb never played for the Giants. 

They drafted QB Daniel Jones in the first round this year, but he is stuck behind 38-year old Eli Manning, whose W-L record the last six years is 38-57. 

How is this not total organizational malpractice?

Joe Montana finished his career with the Chiefs.
Johnny Unitas finished his career with the Chargers.
Joe Namath finished his career with the Rams.
Peyton Manning finished his career with the Broncos. It happens.

12) Friday night/Saturday morning in Anaheim, Mookie Betts became the first player in major league history to hit a leadoff homer and also homer in the 15th inning or later of the same game. Boston won the game 7-6, despite at one point having 20 hitters in a row retired by Angel pitchers. 

11) The guy that bought the Kansas City Royals for $1B already owns 30% of the Indians; he obviously has to sell that piece, so say the Indians are worth $1.4B (they have to be worth more than the Royals are), that means he has $420M coming in, so really he is only laying out $580M for the 100% of the Royals. It must be fun to be really rich. 

Except of course, for all the parasites who pretend they’re your friends……

10) Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek has finished chemotherapy and is back at work; the 79-year old Trebek will be hosting Jeopardy!’s 35th season this fall.

9) You figured this news would get dumped on a Friday, and it did, and on a holiday weekend; Tyler Skaggs’ autopsy results:

“The cause of death is listed as a mixture of ‘alcohol, fentanyl and oxycodone intoxication with terminal aspiration of gastric contents’” If you watch CSI, you know what this means in English, he choked to death.  

27-year old athletes don’t just die; very sad. Hopefully he can rest in peace. 

8) Tennessee paid Georgia State $950,000 to come to Knoxville to open the season against the Vols; when you get paid like that, you’re supposed to………..lose. 

Georgia State upset Tennessee 38-30 on a rough day for the SEC, where five of their teams lost non-conference games, including Missouri losing as an 18-point favorite at Wyoming. 

7) Ryan Fitzpatrick will start Miami’s opener against the Ravens; he’ll become the first QB ever to throw a pass for eight different NFL teams (six teams in last eight years).

6) Trivia: Longest at-bat in major leagues this year goes to Philly catcher JT Realmuto, who had a 16-pitch at-bat vs Miami’s Caleb Smith back in April. 

5) I feel old typing this: former Lakers star James Worthy had a knee replacement last week. 

4) Geno Smith beat Paxton Lynch out to be Russell Wilson’s backup in Seattle. 

3) IUPUI basketball coach Jason Gardner quit his job Tuesday, two days after he was arrested for reportedly being found intoxicated and asleep behind the wheel of a car. 

Jaguars went 16-17 LY in Gardner’s 5th year as coach, their best record since 2011. As of yet, no interim/replacement has been named. 

2) Rams led NFL with five players they cut getting claimed off waivers, New England had four, Bills and Ravens three each. 

Arizona Cardinals claimed five players other teams cut; Jets claimed four. 

Miami Dolphins put 27 players on waivers; none were claimed by any NFL team. No bueno. 

1) Astros 2, Blue Jays 0— Justin Verlander becomes the sixth pitcher to throw 3+ no-hitters; two of his three were in Toronto. 

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